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Just one conversation

Over the past 30-plus years in this industry, I’ve witnessed what happens when LBM leaders leave their company for a few days and travel to learn, share, and network with peers.

Our shared journey

Since the “Real Issues. Real Answers.” feature launched back in 2011, we’ve received tens of thousands of responses to our surveys.

The Builders’ Show isn’t just for builders

After all, there is no single event that brings manufacturers together with their current suppliers.

A cautionary tale

Because real life requires timely decisions when we sometimes feel like we’re flying blind, that’s what makes it so important that we learn from other companies’ victories and missteps.

Powering through

Here’s to working together to build your sales, your business, and your brand in 2023…and beyond.
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

Changing the world

In the weeks that have passed since LBM Strategies 2022 was held in Denver, the concept of the LBM Community has only gotten stronger. Here are just two reasons why.

Introducing the LBM 40 Under 40

The program will recognize LBM pros under the age of 40 who demonstrate leadership and exemplify commitment and excellence in service to their companies, customers, and communities.
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

To our stakeholders

Because you are our stakeholders, I like to update you periodically on what’s going on with your media company.
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

The wheelbarrow

Our story begins last weekend when our old wheelbarrow broke.
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

Sticks matter

As important as it is for an athlete to have the right tools, it’s that much more important that our teams aren’t held back by their tools.

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