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Rick Schumacher from the publisher

Embracing change

Our goal remains the same: to deliver the best information and insights available to help you build your sales, your business, and your brand.
Rick Schumacher

Connecting the LBM community

It started, like so many great things do, with a simple suggestion.
Rick Schumacher

What Dee would do

Faced with an incomprehensible threat, Dee didn’t run and hide and hope the problem would solve itself. She picked up a broom and went into battle.
Rick Schumacher

The reality of staying strong

History shows clearly that every economic downturn results in winners and losers. The winners work hard to use the downturn to study their business and their operations—to leverage their strengths and work on their weaknesses.
Rick Schumacher

Stronger together

If you’re reading this, you’re a member of an industry that’s a cornerstone of every city and town in the U.S. It’s not just an’s a community.
Rick Schumacher

Playing the bounce

In sports, in life, and in business, there’s no shortage of opportunities that come our way.
Rick Schumacher

Off and running

In my view, today’s realities represent very real opportunities for everyone in the LBM industry. The question is, are you and your team prepared to meet the challenges that these opportunities represent?
Rick Schumacher

The Roaring Twenties, v.2

Here’s to working together throughout the Roaring Twenties, v.2, to build your sales, your business and your brand.
Rick Schumacher

Playing to win

There’s a reason that sports analogies are so common in business—they’re two sides of the same coin.
Rick Schumacher

Building connections

As I write this, LBM Strategies Conference 2019 is in the rearview mirror. Many of our industry’s leading thinkers—and doers—were there to share their stories, to learn from other industry pros, and to connect with others who do what they do.

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