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LP SmartSide Smooth Finish

In a booming home improvement world, siding is poised for growth

Siding is the first line of defense and the one that makes the strongest visual statement. And right now, the siding industry is booming.
ProVia roofing

In Depth: Roofing

Despite supply-side challenges, the roofing industry is poised for growth.
ThermaTru Founder Collection

In Depth: Windows & Doors

Bold colors and clean aesthetics dominate in a growing fenestration market. When the settlement of Çatal Höyük in Turkey was established in 7,000 B.C., the...
Deckorators VoyageMesa

In Depth: Decks

Soaring demand for outdoor living positions decking for solid growth.

In Depth: Deck fasteners

Rapid growth of the decking segment promises profits for fasteners. When you think of a deck fastener, what comes to mind? Odds are, it’s probably...
In Depth: Deck railing & accessories

In Depth: Deck railings & accessories

Clean, upscale aesthetics dominate in a market experiencing soaring demand.
In Depth: Buying groups & co-ops

In Depth: Buying groups and co-ops

Through participation in buying groups and co-ops, even small LBM dealers can remain competitive against larger dealers.
Boral TruExterior Trim

In Depth: Trim & Moulding

Despite pandemic challenges, the market looks healthy for the decorative trim segment.
In Depth insulation and housewrap

In Depth: Insulation and housewrap

Rising concerns for maintaining a healthy home spur category growth. 
Tech tools In Depth

In Depth: Tech Tools

In light of business environment changes, technology is evolving to provide solutions that grow business, build customer relationships, simplify process, and reduce overall costs.

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