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In Depth: Insulation and housewrap

With building codes and industry trends emphasizing energy efficiency and higher building performance requirements, and with a continued robust building market, one thing you...

In Depth: Tech tools

Whether it’s an ERP system or estimating software, a new point-of-sale solution or GPS tracking technology, there are plenty of options out there for...

In Depth: Fasteners

Manufacturers are focused on improving efficiency and reducing jobsite costs. A fastener is not just a fastener, even though that’s an all-too-common opinion held by...
engineered wood products

In Depth: Engineered wood products

In today's world of skilled labor shortages, engineered wood products provide design flexibility while delivering strength, ease of installation, and product consistency. It remains an...
caulks sealants adhesives

In Depth: Caulks, sealants and adhesives

Many options and solutions for LBM dealers. Caulks, sealants and adhesives serve a variety of important purposes for the contractor and homeowner. They help create...
BlueLinx Compass siding

In Depth: Siding

In a changing market dominated by technology and instant customer gratification, diverse product offerings and a true understanding of builder and homeowner needs are...
Engineered Slate

In Depth: Roofing systems

Improved performance, aesthetics drive roofing innovation. Roofing demand usually comes from two places—housing starts and storms. And with that in mind, roofing system manufacturers are...
windows doors 2018

In Depth: Windows and doors

Simplicity in styles and an emphasis on technology-driven sales tools put the power for increased sales in the hands of distributors.Once upon a time,...
Deckorators Titanium

In Depth Extra: Deck railings & accessories

As outdoor living booms, deck railings and other accessories are getting their due. Ask any design expert, review nearly any trend study, tour any show...
deck fasteners

In Depth Extra: Deck fasteners

As consumers embrace outdoor living spaces, deck fasteners present a big opportunity for dealers.After a strong 2017, the remodeling market is forecast to continue...

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