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Fasteners Simpson Strong-Tie

In Depth: Deck fasteners

They might be hidden, but the importance of deck fasteners is far from invisible.
Lumber - LP

In Depth: Lumber and structural panels

With shortages in skilled labor expected to continue, the lumber industry is turning to innovation to keep pace with expected growth.
Boral - Moulding & Trim

In Depth: Moulding & Trim

Evolving aesthetics and product lines signal a shift to simplicity and durability.
BlueLinx insulation and housewrap

In Depth: Insulation and housewrap

With more than 100 companies competing in the U.S. insulation and housewrap materials industry, there is a fierce ongoing battle to create thermal and water barrier products that will outperform the competition.
Tech Tools - ECI

In Depth: Tech Tools

There's no right way to run an LBM company. Every business has different challenges, needs and opportunities. While there’s no absolute technology solution for...
MiTek - In Depth - Fasteners

In Depth: Fasteners

Strength, speed, and efficiency all describe today's newest fasteners.
Boise Cascade - Engineered Wood Products

In Depth: Engineered wood products

Demand decreases as construction slows, but engineered wood products look to increase market share.
Racking and Delivery

In Depth: Racking and Delivery

Efficiencies and logistics in today's racking and delivery equipment delivers increased productivity and profitability for LBM dealers. There was a time in the not-so-distant past...

In Depth: Siding

Vibrant colors, low maintenance options key to siding market growth. The siding market continues to look strong for 2019 and 2020—especially in remodeling and replacement—opening...

In Depth: Roofing systems

Product performance and energy efficiency dominate in today's roofing world. There was a time when roofing materials weren’t paid that much attention to. Most homeowners...

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