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January 2020

John Wagner - working capital peg

Losing control during an earnout period

When there is a disagreement between an acquirer and a seller about the value of a company, yet determination to get the deal done, an earnout is often put in place.
Rikka Brandon - talent brand

The challenges to hiring leaders in 2020 (and how to solve them)

We’ve found that there are three main challenges in, and solutions to, finding and hiring best-in-class building products executives and team members.
BlueLinx insulation and housewrap

In Depth: Insulation and housewrap

With more than 100 companies competing in the U.S. insulation and housewrap materials industry, there is a fierce ongoing battle to create thermal and water barrier products that will outperform the competition.
online retail e-commerce 101

Is online retail right for you?

While I have been writing a column for LBM Journal on decking for the past several years, this month’s column begins a new focus.
Bill Lee sales & operations - boss

Among bankers, two friends are better than just one

It is extremely difficult to successfully grow your business in the absence of good banking relationships.
rick davis commodity

Lessons in history

I’m not so sure history repeats itself as much as people repeat the same mistakes. Therefore, as we enter 2020, it feels like a good time for a history lesson in sales to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Non-negotiable pricing

This month’s Real Issue. Real Answer. is inspired by a reader whose company is thinking of making its pricing non-negotiable.

Product Picks: January 2020

Each month, hundreds of products hit the market. Here's our pick of the ones to watch.
Rick Schumacher

The Roaring Twenties, v.2

Here’s to working together throughout the Roaring Twenties, v.2, to build your sales, your business and your brand.
Kuiken Brothers

2020 Dealer of the Year: Kuiken Brothers

The company's newest site in Newark is strategically located in the heart of the distribution hub of New York and New Jersey.

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