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January 2021

Shane Soule - Fleet Efficiency

The small stuff: Inventory shrink

Inventory shrink is one of the easiest areas to register an immediately positive ROI and create quick process improvements.
John Wagner - working capital peg

Never be the first to say the price

This is true whether someone is selling a pickup truck or multi-million-dollar lumber dealerships. The seller names a price, and it goes only down from there, never up.
Thea Dudley credit

What to say when you can’t offer credit

Dear Thea, We have a customer who has been paying much later than their granted credit terms. We had to place them on a cash-on-delivery status for quite some time because of their chronic late payments.
management advice Russ Kathrein

The powers of your own purpose

Clearly defining your purpose will set you up for success, as well as happiness. Not having a personal purpose might mean you are spending a lot of time doing things other than your job.
Rikka Brandon Recruit + Retain interviews

Four common recruiting mistakes to avoid

The dawn of a new year always brings the feeling of fresh starts and new opportunities. What better time to set goals for improving your company’s recruiting and hiring practices?

Product Picks: January 2021

Each month, hundreds of products and services vie for industry attention. Here are some that our editors think will interest LBM Journal readers.
Real Issues Staying Connected

Real Issues. Real Answers. Staying connected

The question for this month’s Real Issue survey came from a dealer who is facing challenges as his business was no longer conducted strictly in a face-to-face manner.
Bill Lee sales & operations - boss

Over communicate with customers and prospects

Most of us who landed our first LBM sales job began quoting prospects and contractors who had been assigned to us long before we had any idea how they might respond to what we had to offer.
rick davis consumer walk-in

There’s no industry better to build a sales career

Every once in a while, like to start a new year, I feel compelled to remind you that our dirty-build-our-product-outdoors-in-the-mud industry is as sexy as it gets.
In Depth insulation and housewrap

In Depth: Insulation and housewrap

Rising concerns for maintaining a healthy home spur category growth. 

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