management advice Russ Kathrein

Speak in a manner that others will listen

Sometimes you need to stop, hear yourself speak, and then ask, “Would I want to listen to what I have to say?”
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

Providing structure to your expectations

How do you hold an employee accountable in their job performance if you are basing your evaluation on subjective or vague criteria?
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How extremes can affect your leadership

Many important decisions get derailed because we have a customer or employee who we know will not like the outcome of the decision, so we refuse to go forward.
management advice Russ Kathrein

The power of building your networks

Human beings are by their nature social animals, yet often when it comes to leadership, we view the task as a solitary endeavor that we have to just endure on our own.
management advice Russ Kathrein

The powers of your own purpose

Clearly defining your purpose will set you up for success, as well as happiness. Not having a personal purpose might mean you are spending a lot of time doing things other than your job.
management advice Russ Kathrein

Giving everyone a voice

How many people in your organization are not given a chance to have their voice heard?
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

Culture eats strategy

Company culture, like a society’s culture, is what drives behavior and serves as a directive for all major decisions. If nurtured and focused on the right things, it can create a company that rarely fails.
management advice Russ Kathrein

Time to operate differently

One upside to the pandemic lockdown was that, as businesspeople, we very quickly had to start trying out some new things and lean on technology that we may otherwise have been reluctant to embrace.
management advice Russ Kathrein

Don’t overlook the obvious

How often do we look at our business from the data that we know and make a judgment, when it is the data that we don’t know that may change our minds?
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

Plotting a course in treacherous waters

It has been said that a rising tide raises all ships, regardless of their condition or the skill of the crew. The same can be said in business.

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