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March 2020

Real Issues. Real Answers. Offer to help, or let it be?

This month's question came from a dealer in the Northeastern U.S., who’s unsure how much unsolicited help to offer his customers.
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

The power of personality inventories

As a long-time student on leadership, I find it fascinating that there is no definitive place where a person can learn how to be a good leader.
Bill Lee sales & operations - boss

How managers can make meetings more productive

There are certain rules that—if followed— can take much of the chaos out of a meeting.
John Wagner - working capital peg

Revenue is not profit

In each and every deal we do, potential acquirers will want to know the revenues, sure, because that will show the orders of magnitude of the EBITDA.
Rikka Brandon - assessment tools

Six surprising ways you’re messing up the hiring process

From a small labor pool to shrinking interest in the lumber industry, the hiring process is already hard enough without creating additional hurdles for yourself.
rick davis consumer walk-in

Plan your sales journey

You don't close sales deals in the LBM business; you open relationships.
Lumber - LP

In Depth: Lumber and structural panels

With shortages in skilled labor expected to continue, the lumber industry is turning to innovation to keep pace with expected growth.
online retail e-commerce 101

How to staff your company for online sales

When I meet other lumberyard operators who know that I do a significant amount of my retail business over the internet, one of the first things they ask is how they can best hire the staff to get themselves set up for a similar operation.
Rick Schumacher

Playing the bounce

In sports, in life, and in business, there’s no shortage of opportunities that come our way.
Lang Building Supply - Blase Grady

2020 Dealer of the Year: Lang Building Supply

Like the community it serves, Lang Building Supply itself is historic, considered to be one of the oldest continuously-operating businesses in the county.

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