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March 2021

NLBMDA Congress Washington

NLBMDA looking to build on Paycheck Protection Program advocacy success

As the COVID-19 pandemic caused social and economic effects through most of 2020, NLBMDA focused heavily on protecting dealers across the U.S.
John Wagner - Acquisition offers

What explains the white-hot LBM M&A market?

There was already a steady low-boil of M&A activity in early 2020. But then, last November, fuel was thrown on the M&A bonfire.
Thea Dudley

What if customers refuse to pay finance charges?

A little patience goes a long way. I have always viewed finance charges as a tool that can be leveraged for a chance to have a conversation with my customer.
Russ Kathrein

How extremes can affect your leadership

Many important decisions get derailed because we have a customer or employee who we know will not like the outcome of the decision, so we refuse to go forward.
Hamilton Building Supply

Dealer of the Year: Hamilton Building Supply

When John Perna returned to Hamilton Building Supply in 2019 with an MBA and deepened industry experience, he set course to implement best practices from companies that he felt were at the top of their game.
Bill Lee sales & operations - boss

In sales, confidence is half the battle

Believing in yourself and having confidence that you are in control of the direction of your sales call has a way of removing the butterflies from your stomach.

Product Picks: March 2021

Each month, hundreds of products and services vie for industry attention. Here are some that our editors think will interest LBM Journal readers.
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

Consolidation and competition

Consolidation is disrupting and reshaping our industry, and there’s no question that it’s daunting to compete against larger competitors. But it’s not impossible.
Tough Call Karen

Tough Call: The battle of Karen

Karen wants to speak to the manager. She wants a refund on her non-refundable custom order and says she'll raise a public ruckus until she gets her way. What would you do?
In Depth: Buying groups & co-ops

In Depth: Buying groups and co-ops

Through participation in buying groups and co-ops, even small LBM dealers can remain competitive against larger dealers.

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