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Acquiring new leadership

Selecting an operative timeframe for valuation

Traditional performance indicators such as EBITDA, OPEX, and COGs are all used in valuing lumber and building material businesses, whether they are lumberyards, retail...

Product Picks: May 2019

Each month, hundreds of products hit the market. Here’s our pick of the ones to watch.

Build customer loyalty through in-store classes

As building material retailers, we spend a good part of our winter and early spring making sure our employees are up to speed on...

The surprising cost of under-performing managers

Hiring is hard.  Dealing with under-performing employees is exhausting. Firing is stressful.So, you’re often tempted to take the easy path. This might mean giving...

The most powerful word in your vocabulary

During the building boom, I ran a region of a company that sold tens of millions of dollars to a national builder. One day,...

Real Issues. Real Answers. Price perception vs. reality

Price may not be the biggest factor in a building products sale, but it is always a factor. The challenge in our business is...
Bill Lee sales & operations - Everything is negotiable

A different way to increase productivity

Never before have business people wasted more time than they do today. And all that wasted productivity will continue next week, next month and...

Five Questions With: Stephen Hicks, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company

1Q: Is it really “time’s up” for companies in the LBM industry? A: Yes, Time’s Up. You have probably heard about it on the news,...

The law of pricing

You will never know the joy, power, and satisfaction of holding your price and winning a sale until you’ve held your price and lost...

Addition by subtraction for Lumber Mart

There is no shortage of business advice on how to boost your company’s profits and strengthen the bottom line. Seldom among that advice, however,...

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