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valuation expectations

Taming unrealistic valuation expectations

When selling at a time of strong growth, some owners want the valuation of their businesses pegged not where they are now with financial performance.
valuation expectations

Why strategic investors pay more

What are the value implications of a strategic acquirer versus a non-strategic acquirer? It’s simple math.
valuation expectations

Acquiring new leadership can ding your valuation

An acquisition is a natural time for leaders to cash out, but you should avoid acquiring new leadership in advance of a sale.
valuation expectations

Are you trying to sell too soon?

Every day, investment bankers like us get two or three email requests from funds and strategic investors looking to acquire successful companies. Ironically, with...
valuation expectations

Selecting an operative timeframe for valuation

Traditional performance indicators such as EBITDA, OPEX, and COGs are all used in valuing lumber and building material businesses, whether they are lumberyards, retail...
valuation expectations

Don’t discount (too much) at the top

In a past column, we covered customer concentration, and we pointed out how crucial it is that you inform potential acquirers what percentage of...
valuation expectations

How earnouts change valuation multiples

When a company owner decides to go to market and seek an acquirer, he or she typically searches around for an investment banker (a.k.a....
valuation expectations

“Pricing in” a recession

As we head into the thick of 2019, you can read predictions from economists all day long about what the future holds. One will...
John D. Wagner, 1st WEST

The amazing value of credits to EBITDA

Two years ago, this column covered the concept of adjustments to EBITDA, and how valuable they can be when boosting the overall value of...
John D. Wagner, 1st WEST

Sell your business now, or wait?

Are you waiting to sell you company for when the economy starts to weaken? That might be a bad idea. Here’s why. First: Look how...

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