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NLBMDA looking to build on Paycheck Protection Program advocacy success

As the COVID-19 pandemic caused social and economic effects through most of 2020, NLBMDA focused heavily on protecting dealers across the U.S.
NLBMDA - crane rule

Clarification on DOL’s independent contractor proposed rule

Recently, the Department of Labor issued a proposed rule that, if enacted, will affect how a worker can be defined as an employee rather than an independent contractor under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

NLBMDA stays busy with high lumber prices and a complicated Congress

NLBMDA has been working on several important industry priorities, including needed reforms to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and small business relief options.

Congress gets involved in OSHA crane rule

Dissatisfied with the lack of a response from OSHA representatives, NLBMDA began work with members of the House Education and Labor Committee on intervening. 

Compliments to NLBMDA members: Grassroots works

NLBMDA currently has several important grassroots engagements posted on the website and members are always encouraged to weigh in and make their voice heard.

NLBMDA and the federal COVID-19 response

NLBMDA has been active in both Congress and the Executive Branch to ensure the industry is front and center in all negotiations and actions.

Housing finance reform: What’s in the details?

Since the financial crisis a decade ago, one of the topics regularly on the minds of lawmakers is reforming the national Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs).
NBLMDA - Tariffs

No dull moments on tariffs

These days, there’s never a dull moment in Washington when it comes to trade policy, specifically tariffs.
NLBMDA - crane rule

Crane rule and material delivery exemption status

NLBMDA is continuing to work with OSHA on addressing the issue and is confident that OSHA will give a good-faith examination of the errors in the letter.
NBLMDA - Tariffs

Legislative outlook for August recess

As Congress is home for August recess, NLBMDA provides a legislative outlook for items that need to be resolved as we approach the end of the fiscal year.

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