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November/December 2019

Mid-Cape home centers

A Mid-Cape milestone: Cape Cod company celebrates 125 years

There’s a birthday party on the Cape next year, and it’s a big one. Mid-Cape Home Centers is turning 125.
John Wagner - working capital peg

Always shop the deal (almost always)

You never know who your buyer will be, and it’s imperative that—short of accepting a market-clearing price—you take the offering of your company as far and wide as possible.

Housing finance reform: What’s in the details?

Since the financial crisis a decade ago, one of the topics regularly on the minds of lawmakers is reforming the national Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs).
Heidenreich - credit card disputes

Beware of credit card disputes when selling online

Usually, there aren’t many problems when customers use credit cards. But, in this month’s column, I want to talk about credit card disputes. 
James S. Metcalf

Five Questions With: James S. Metcalf, Cornerstone Building Brands

James S. Metcalf is chairman of the board and CEO of Cornerstone Building Brands—the newly merged NCI Building Systems and Ply Gem.
Rikka Brandon - employee

How to ease the pain of firing an employee

When it comes to “most dreaded things,” firing an employee likely ranks at the top of your list alongside talking to opinionated relatives at holidays and filing your tax returns.
Russ Kathrein Leaders

The problem with not speaking up is that nobody hears you

How often have you seen somebody do something you disagreed with or found offensive, but then you let it go because you did not want to make a fuss?
Bill Lee sales & operations - boss

What are you trying to make happen in your business?

Store managers are not measured by how tired they are when they come home at night. They are measured and rewarded by their ability to give the stockholders an optimal return on their investment.
Boomer brain drain

Real Issues. Real Answers. The boomer brain drain

It’s a fact that our industry has an aging workforce, and as our most senior team members retire, their experience and institutional knowledge retires...
rick davis consumer walk-in

Build a sales talent funnel

If you want to build a quality sales team, you have two routes to choose. One is to hire and hope, and the other is to build a funnel of talent from within. Of the two options, the latter has proven to be more successful.

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