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Shane Soule - blue collar blues

A new market requires new strategies

Even though we need to be aware of our costs and gross margins, we can’t lose focus when we need to take a loss on paper to maximize profitability long term.
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

Pricing 101: Where do you draw the line?

Pricing has become a hot topic in our industry as automation through ERP systems becomes more advanced and easier to manage.
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

Blue collar blues

Your ability to map out a career for your team members is one of the most important talent acquisition tools you have.
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

Cost Accounting 301—The new math

Our industry's default process to grow profit has three very basic macro levers: “increase sales,” “increase margin,” or “cut costs.”
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

Glow in the dark profits

Would you believe me if I told you that you could substantially and easily improve your profit, and you probably already have all the tools you need in place?
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

Fleet efficiency 301: Keep the tires turning

Lumberyards are basically in the business of distribution and shipping. It’s not only the greatest value we offer, it’s also our biggest variable expense.
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

Overdeliver with fewer drivers

The default reaction to sales growth, and its complimentary expanded delivery requirements, is typically to hire more people and buy more equipment.
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

The rich get richer—that’s a bunch of bull (market)

Navigating a market that has quadrupled in barely six months is challenging to say the least.
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

A glimpse into the future

The future is coming into focus, and your three, five, or 10-year plans require open minds to change, and forward-thinking leadership in order to adapt, survive, and succeed.
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

E-commerce 101—for 2021

If I've learned anything in the last 12 months, it has been that what is successful in other industries can often be successful in ours.

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