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Shane Soule

The small stuff: Inventory shrink

Inventory shrink is one of the easiest areas to register an immediately positive ROI and create quick process improvements.
Shane Soule

‘The small stuff’ is material to the bottom line

Materials handlers in our yards are crucial, not only for our customers experience, but also for a couple percentage points of our cost. Let’s dig into some things that could seem small, but over time, could be very valuable.
Shane Soule

A packaged opportunity

Younger, less experienced builders with expertise in new home trends and marketing are on the rise.
Shane Soule

Embrace your unorganized customers

Everything hinges on keeping the job on schedule, so what choices do we have as we manage customer expectations?
Shane Soule

The profit breakdown: margin

The more I’ve been around salespeople in different markets, I’ve concluded that they very often create their own pricing structures in their minds based on where they think pricing needs to be to win the jobs.

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