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Real Issues Gas Prices

Real Issues. Real Answers: Managing rising fuel costs

Gas prices are near record levels, and that’s a problem for the vast majority of LBM dealers and distributors who offer jobsite delivery.
Real Issues. investing in technology

Real Issues. Real Answers: Investing in new technology

This month's Real Issues. Real Answers question comes from a dealer in Colorado who is wrestling with the question of when to invest in new technology.
Real Issues. Company culture

Real Issues. Real Answers: Establishing company culture

Today’s uncomfortably tight labor market is forcing many LBM dealers to focus more than ever before on effectively marketing and selling career opportunities to prospective team members.
Real issues. Real Answers. Future of independent lumberyard

Real Issues. Real Answers: The future of the independent LBM dealer

This month’s Real Issues question is from an independent LBM dealer who wonders what the future holds for their company, and whether staying independent is the smart move, or if it’s better to consider buying or selling.
price increases

Real Issues. Real Answers: Unexpected price increases

This month’s Real Issues. Real Answers. question asks how your company is navigating unexpected price increases.
Real Issues. Real Answers: Growing Forward

Real Issues. Real Answers: Growing forward

This month’s Real Issues. Real Answers question, from a dealer in Rhode Island, acknowledges the opportunity for growth and asks, “where to start?”
Real Issues. Real Answers. Compensation

What is fair compensation?

This month’s Real Issues. Real Answers. survey is a variation on a theme from our September issue, in which we asked about creating a “sticky” workplace where people wanted to come to work—and stay long term.
employee loyalty lumberyard staff

Real Issues. Real Answers. Employee loyalty

It’s no secret that attracting and hiring good people remains a top challenge for many LBM companies.
Margins market share

Maintaining margins vs. market share

To sell more (at lower margins) or sell less (at higher margins) is an age-old question facing LBM dealers.

Real Issues. Real Answers: Sales quotas and commissions

This month’s question, from a dealer in Ohio, explores the idea of adjusting expected sales quotas, and possibly even commission tiers and percentages, in order to keep our top performers from jumping ship.

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