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Battling a big competitor

Real Issues. Real Answers. Batting a big competitor

Competition is nothing new. But in today’s environment with widespread consolidation, competitors are often much bigger, better funded, and more sophisticated than ever before.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Non-negotiable pricing

This month’s Real Issue. Real Answer. is inspired by a reader whose company is thinking of making its pricing non-negotiable.
Boomer brain drain

Real Issues. Real Answers. The boomer brain drain

It’s a fact that our industry has an aging workforce, and as our most senior team members retire, their experience and institutional knowledge retires...
Real Issues. Real Answers. vendor reps

Real Issues. Real Answers. Vendor reps on the route…again

This month's Real Issues survey question was suggested by a reader who is frustrated with purposeless visits by vendor reps.
Real Issues. Real Answers. Restocking Fees.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Restocking fees

For years, many LBM companies charged restocking fees on returned material. Why not? It takes time to return products to inventory, and time is money.
Firing customers

Real Issues. Real Answers. Firing customers

Turning away business is a big step. But sometimes, customers create situations where it makes the most sense for your company to refuse to sell to them.
Real Issues. Real Answers. Expand or not

Real Issues. Real Answers. Expand or not?

In business, every time we make a decision, we take a risk. One of the biggest decisions a business owner can make is whether or not to add locations.

Real Issues. Real Answers. The installed sales option

Selling products is one thing. Selling them and installing them is another thing altogether. Whether you’re installing for homeowners, or providing installation services for...

Real Issues. Real Answers. Price perception vs. reality

Price may not be the biggest factor in a building products sale, but it is always a factor. The challenge in our business is...

Real Issues. Real Answers. Aging out

What’s a dealer to do when several key, long-term associates are nearing retirement, and young pros aren’t exactly lined up to take their place?...

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