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Real Issues. Real Answers. Restocking Fees.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Restocking fees

For years, many LBM companies charged restocking fees on returned material. Why not? It takes time to return products to inventory, and time is money.
Firing customers

Real Issues. Real Answers. Firing customers

Turning away business is a big step. But sometimes, customers create situations where it makes the most sense for your company to refuse to sell to them.
Real Issues. Real Answers. Expand or not

Real Issues. Real Answers. Expand or not?

In business, every time we make a decision, we take a risk. One of the biggest decisions a business owner can make is whether or not to add locations.

Real Issues. Real Answers. The installed sales option

Selling products is one thing. Selling them and installing them is another thing altogether. Whether you’re installing for homeowners, or providing installation services for...

Real Issues. Real Answers. Price perception vs. reality

Price may not be the biggest factor in a building products sale, but it is always a factor. The challenge in our business is...

Real Issues. Real Answers. Aging out

What’s a dealer to do when several key, long-term associates are nearing retirement, and young pros aren’t exactly lined up to take their place?...

Real Issues. Real Answers. The production builder problem

When it comes to supplying material to high-volume production builders, there are clear pros and cons. On the one hand, the large volume of...

Real Issues. Real Answers. Hire or hold off?

While business remains rock-solid in most markets, economists remind us that a slowdown is inevitable. It’s impossible to know when that’s going to happen,...

Real Issues. Real Answers. Credit Card Fees

Accepting credit cards for payment is great for cash flow. But in a business known for razor-thin margins, the 2% or 3% fees charged...

Real Issues. Real Answers: Transitioning to a new ERP/business software

Knowledge is power. That’s especially true in the wildly competitive LBM distribution market, where accurate, up-to-date insights into sales, margins, deliveries, inventory positions and...

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