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Margins market share

Maintaining margins vs. market share

To sell more (at lower margins) or sell less (at higher margins) is an age-old question facing LBM dealers.

Real Issues. Real Answers: Sales quotas and commissions

This month’s question, from a dealer in Ohio, explores the idea of adjusting expected sales quotas, and possibly even commission tiers and percentages, in order to keep our top performers from jumping ship.

Real Issues. Real Answers: Should LBM dealers require their teams to get vaccinated?

As COVID-19 vaccines became more widely available, an LBM dealer in Virginia reached out to LBM Journal asking whether or not companies in our industry were requiring employees to get vaccinated.
Real Issues. Real Answers. Managing returns

Real Issues. Real Answers. Managing returns

With lumber prices near record highs, and many other materials in short supply, it’s more important than ever that LBM dealers have smart return policies in place.

Real Issues. Real Answers. How to handle the quoting process

With extreme price spikes in commodity products, and ongoing product shortages, how are dealers handling the quoting process on potential new projects?
Real Issues. Real Answers. Consolidation: Good or bad?

Real Issues. Real Answers. Consolidation: Good or bad?

This month’s Real Issues survey question comes from a Wisconsin dealer who asks what will happen when (and if) a few large corporations control LBM distribution.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Attracting top talent

As we ended 2020 and the many challenges and opportunities the year brought to our industry, we wanted to know our readers’ recent experience in hiring for different positions, and their insights into attracting top talent. 
Real Issues Staying Connected

Real Issues. Real Answers. Staying connected

The question for this month’s Real Issue survey came from a dealer who is facing challenges as his business was no longer conducted strictly in a face-to-face manner.
RIRA 1120

Real Issues. Real Answers. Transitioning to a different ERP system

With technology playing an ever-growing role for our companies, LBM dealers and distributors are looking to get the most from their ERP systems. The...
material shortage Real Issues. Real Answers

Real Issues. Real Answers. The Materials Shortage

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to prepare for the most likely outcome, but also anticipate exactly the opposite scenario, just in case. So by 2020 logic, that means record sales amidst a global pandemic, right? Go figure, but that’s what happened for many in the industry — resulting in serious materials shortages in some markets.

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