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Does your compensation measure up?

It's the eternal question for most companies, LBM or otherwise: Am I paying enough to attract the best people?

When is it time to bring in a professional recruiter?

If you find yourself with a position that’s tough to fill or that has had high turnover due to poor hires, it might be time to call in the pros.

Eight things to look for when hiring a sales manager

Having an amazing sales force is one of the most important aspects of an LBM company. With the amount of competition out there, it’s...

The surprising cost of under-performing managers

Hiring is hard.  Dealing with under-performing employees is exhausting. Firing is stressful.So, you’re often tempted to take the easy path. This might mean giving...

Hate networking events? Here’s how to make small talk work for you

Few employers enjoy networking. You might envision business card pushers or folks who won’t take no for an answer. But if you’re looking to...

The secret recruiting weapon you have but don’t use

Do you wish you had a small army of people who were talking about you and your business and how great it is? Do...

How to build a talent funnel

We talk a lot in this column about hiring—where to place your ad, how to write it, etc. But what if you could actually...

Eight places to look for hourly workers

As I moderated panel at the LBM Strategies Conference last September, I noticed a common theme among dealers in the audience: Finding yard workers...

How to get over your fear of firing employees

To put it bluntly: Firing people sucks. I didn’t always think this way. Early in my career, when I worked for a large regional...
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Setting your new hire up for success

The day has finally arrived. You placed the perfect ad. Interviewed ideal candidates. Extended an offer to the best prospect. After negotiations, they’ve accepted...

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