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Bill Lee sales & operations - Everything is negotiable

Five principles to achieving optimal management productivity

There are five principles I believe a salesperson should follow in order to be the most productive he or she can be.
Bill Lee sales & operations - Everything is negotiable

Everything is negotiable

Our company had recently developed the first building supply industry-specific point of sale computer system. That's when I learned that everything is negotiable.
Bill Lee sales & operations - Everything is negotiable

If your business fails, what will be the likely reason?

Based on my experience, when a business fails, the reason can almost always be traced to lackluster earnings or too many lackluster personnel on...
Bill Lee sales & operations - Everything is negotiable

A different way to increase productivity

Never before have business people wasted more time than they do today. And all that wasted productivity will continue next week, next month and...

How much personal value-add can you deliver?

There are two separate and distinct types of value-adds that customers and prospects consider when deciding where to buy: the first is the one...

Are your salespeople prepared for war?

U.S. Army recruits are required to attend Boot Camp before they are allowed on the battlefield. Fighting for your life, defending your homeland and...

Inventory shrinkage is like having a hole in your pocket

 The rule of thumb that I use for the amount of annual inventory attrition a business can live with is 1/2 of 1% of sales....

Two key factors that affect your gross margin

I believe it is the job of a building supply business’ sales team to sell the operational capacity of the company they represent. When...
Bill Lee

Celebrate “Breakeven Day”

For a moment, think about the benefits of knowing how much sales volume at what level of gross margin your business needs to breakeven...

Getting more mileage from company services

In seminar programs I present I am almost always asked questions about service. From the feedback I receive, it seems virtually every company in...

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