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Locate, locate, locate

The three laws of real estate are well known — location, location, location. I argue that the three laws of selling are locate, locate, locate.
Rick Davis sales brand

Fractal selling in the LBM industry

Fractal selling proves that prospecting and networking is an evolving experience.
Rick Davis sales brand

In LBM sales, being a partner is not what you think

Are you a partner to your customers or a provider? I have a confession that the term “partner” makes me bristle.
Rick Davis sales brand

In sales, it’s all about your beliefs

The reality is not that markets are different, but instead that you behave what you believe.
Bill Lee

If quoting isn’t selling, what is?

On your first several sales calls, the objective is to earn trust and respect.
Rick Davis sales brand

Building good LBM salespeople

Stop trying to find good salespeople. Just find good people and then build a salesperson.
Rick Davis sales brand

Define your sales brand

What's your sales brand? If you’re like most, you probably believe you’re the ideal salesperson who “partners” with your customers in a special way.
rick davis commodity

Work hard. It’s the smart thing to do.

In a few months, there is a good chance you’ll be looking back to the 4th quarter of 2022 and wishing you had prospected more.
rick davis commodity

Demonstrate authority to build credibility

It’s one thing to know where to get the answers. It’s another thing entirely to build a library of knowledge that enables you to have answers at the ready.
rick davis commodity

Nothing is a commodity

The challenge faced by many salespeople is their inability to establish tangible value when the product sold is nothing more than a commodity.

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