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Heidenreich - credit card disputes

Beware of credit card disputes when selling online

Usually, there aren’t many problems when customers use credit cards. But, in this month’s column, I want to talk about credit card disputes. 
Heidenreich - credit card disputes

Why I don’t offer store credit

One of the reasons I first founded The Deck Store years ago is because local lumberyards wanted me to use their in-house credit lines, and I preferred not to.
Heidenreich - credit card disputes

How manufacturers and dealers can partner in online retail

I think our industry is missing out on an opportunity for manufacturers in online retail, with product pickup at independent lumberyards.
Heidenreich - credit card disputes

Customer agreements can prevent negative online reviews

As the retail experience continues to evolve, so do customer expectations.
Heidenreich - credit card disputes

Product release schedules cause problems for dealers

While dealers are on the front lines selling products, the manufacturers and distributors are not in the same season as we are.
Heidenreich - credit card disputes

Get creative when faced with inventory shortages

I think a lot of decking materials dealers saw it coming, at least here in the upper Midwest. The economic outlook, the housing and...
Heidenreich - credit card disputes

Build customer loyalty through in-store classes

As building material retailers, we spend a good part of our winter and early spring making sure our employees are up to speed on...

Make sure your deck components and accessories are quality-compatible

In the previous months' columns, we’ve talked about getting all of our inventory organized, and the planning of the new decking season that most...

Preseason prep for lumberyards

It's that time again—I’ve used this analogy in these columns before, but it’s worth repeating: Lumberyards need to treat the slow days of March...
Heidenreich - credit card disputes

Timing and distributor relationships matter when selecting new products

I mentioned in last month's column that I’m skipping this year’s local home and garden winter shows. I have a number of reasons for doing so,...

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