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New & Noteworthy: Buildxact

Buildxact develops estimating and project management software for small builders, contractors, and remodelers.
From the Editor James Anderson Great Place to Work

Communication, efficiency, and the new normal

As I interviewed Sunny Bowman for the cover story on Dakota County Lumber here in my home state of Minnesota, the conversation often came back to one simple, yet incredibly important action that most Minnesotans aren’t exactly known for doing well—talking about issues.

Congress gets involved in OSHA crane rule

Dissatisfied with the lack of a response from OSHA representatives, NLBMDA began work with members of the House Education and Labor Committee on intervening. 
John Wagner - working capital peg

Take an acquirer’s view of your company

It's human nature to wonder how you stack up against competitors. Are you as profitable? How does your profit as a percent of sales revenues affect your company’s value?
Shane Soule - blue collar blues

Embrace your unorganized customers

Everything hinges on keeping the job on schedule, so what choices do we have as we manage customer expectations?
Rikka Brandon - talent brand

Hiring? Remember the fundamentals

Why is hiring amidst high unemployment a challenge? The first concern is the quality of the applicant pool.
Bill Lee

Is your team trained to deal with price objections?

Regardless of the crisis your business may be suffering, nothing will have a more adverse effect on your company’s gross margin than failing to prepare your people to deal with the price objection.
rick davis commodity

Lessons learned in a crisis

A funny thing happened on our way to the crisis created by the worst pandemic in a century. We got busy. So busy in fact that unexpected supply chain and fulfillment promises have created an unexpected crisis.
Katrina Ralston Feeney

Five Questions with: Katrina Ralston, Feeney, Inc.

Katrina Ralston is president of Feeney, Inc., a manufacturer of architectural products for residential and commercial applications.
Turn and earn truck turnaround times

Turn and earn: How to build your bottom line by lowering your average truck...

One of the most valuable business metrics to track within a yard is truck turnaround time.

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