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ProWood FR

The Ultimate in Fire Protection

ProWood FR provides high-quality fire-retardant lumber, plywood, and wall assemblies that are chemically treated to resist fire ignition and flame-spread.
Midwest Fasteners

SaberDrive Stainless Steel Deck Screw

With over a decade of high performance, SaberDrive Stainless Steel Deck Screws are the perfect balance between quality and price point.
Barrette Outdoor Living Outdoor Shower

Barrette Outdoor Living Shower Kits

Barrette Outdoor Living offers two shower kits to help you easily create a secluded and private space to rinse off after a day spent in the sun, at the pool or on the beach.
SPAX powerlags

SPAX PowerLags—Engineered To Do More

PowerLags are engineered from head to tip to help you save labor time, and drive stronger, longer-lasting results and move onto your next job faster.

The Fastest Universal Hidden Deck Clip On the Market Today

Our products were created with one goal in mind: making the deck installation process faster, easier, and more efficient.
G Wood Pro

Thermowood Siding from G Wood Pro

Thermowood is durable enough to handle extreme weather conditions in any climate, on top of being an aesthetically attractive choice for decorative purposes in plenty of architectural applications.

So Many Takeoffs. So Little Time.  

If your nights and weekends are spent creating takeoffs, take a look at the Paradigm Estimate Takeoff Service.

Superior Plastics 400 Series

Cocktail rail. Drink rail. Deckboard top rail. Whatever you call it, this look has exploded in popularity for both its aesthetic and its functionality.
Humboldt Sawmill


Humboldt Sawmill Douglas-fir rough and S4S stock are available in a range of dimension, grade, and length structure to fit your customers' needs.

Powered by ProWood

ProWood is standing out from the crowd with all new, bold black end tags.

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