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SPAX powerlags

SPAX PowerLags—Engineered To Do More

PowerLags are engineered from head to tip to help you save labor time, and drive stronger, longer-lasting results and move onto your next job faster.
G Wood Pro

Thermowood Siding from G Wood Pro

Thermowood is durable enough to handle extreme weather conditions in any climate, on top of being an aesthetically attractive choice for decorative purposes in plenty of architectural applications.

Superior Plastics 400 Series

Cocktail rail. Drink rail. Deckboard top rail. Whatever you call it, this look has exploded in popularity for both its aesthetic and its functionality.
Humboldt Sawmill


Humboldt Sawmill Douglas-fir rough and S4S stock are available in a range of dimension, grade, and length structure to fit your customers' needs.

Fiber Cement Siding Nails from MAZE Nails

Siding can be a huge investment – protect it by using nails that carry a Lifetime Warranty – MAZE!
U2 fasteners

Spring Build Lineup from U2 Fasteners

All U2 Fasteners use our U-BITS that are specifically designed to fit snug and firm on the Tight Star Recess of the U2 fasteners screw assortment.

PowerPro Concrete Screw Anchors

PowerPro Concrete Screw Anchors are the best performing code approved screw anchors for fastening into concrete and masonry materials.
Redwood Timbers

Redwood Timbers

An excellent alternative to Cedar timbers, Redwood timbers are well-suited for applications including arbors, barns, entryways, pergolas, and shade structures.

A Tag For Every Application

Whether building a deck, fence or a garden bed, it is important to understand which treated lumber to use in scenarios.

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