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Tough Call

Tough Call: Training not included

Though the LBM industry is hungry for young talent, a company's lack of formal training and a "sink or swim" attitude as a new employee questioning his decision to to to work for the local lumberyard.

Rebuilding trust

Your predecessor excelled at driving away business. You've been tasked with regaining it, but customers' memories run deep. What would you do? Having worked in...
Tough Call time to sell

It’s time to sell. Now what?

Looking back at a long career in the lumber business, you've decided it's time to put the company up for sale. But what options...
Tough Call Wage Debate Social Media

How would you respond when employees complain about wages on social media?

Recent posts on social media show just what your employees think of your company's pay structure — and it's far from positive. What would you do?
Tough Call: Less than friendly

A less-than-friendly workplace

The once-positive environment among the staff at Friendly Building Supply has gotten negative, marked by whispers and backstabbing. What would you do?
Tough Call

Tough Call: Tyler Texter

Your newest sales rep seems to communicate only by text and it's crated a problem with one of your biggest customers. What would you do?
Tough Call vendor loyalty

Tough Call: Product quality versus vendor loyalty

You've long been loyal to your local cabinet shop, but the quality of their product has decreased significantly. Now your biggest customer wants nothing to do with them. What would you do?
hiring tough call

In this economy, should you hire or hold tight?

The combination of strong sales and a lean staff has you worried about people burning out, but you hesitate to hire when recession talk dominates the news. What would you do?
what would you do

Seasoned workers are questioning their value — what would you do?

Your company has become so focused on attracting young talent that seasoned workers like you are questioning your value. What would you do?
Tough Call Being Loyal

Tough Call: Being loyal

A longtime employee's performance is on the decline. He's been with you for 30 years, so you don't want to terminate him. What would you do?

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