Tough Call


Tough Call: The bottleneck named Bob

Your company's founder and owner refuses to delegate, which has stopped your company's growth dead in its tracks. What would you do?
tough call repair

Tough Call: RunDown and facing competition

Your lumberyard is in need of repairs before a big chain moves in down the street. But ownership doesn't see it that way. What would you do?
Tough Call Cecil's culls

Tough Call: The saga of Cecil’s culls

A longtime contractor customer is notorious for picking through premium material, then sending too many culls back for credit. What would you do? Unlike most...
Tough Call politics

Tough Call: Let’s (not) talk politics!

Two of your reps actively share their political opinions, which is irritating your customers and threatening your business. What would you do? 
Tough Call tightrope

Tough Call: The Middle Management Tightrope

Your direct supervisor wants to stay the course, but the corporate office wants to make some changes. What would you do?
Tough Call partnership

Tough Call: When a partnership is a one-way street

After buying exclusively from one supplier for years, your loyalty was rewarded with a sharp cut in supply so they could build relationships with other dealers. What would you do?
Tough Call

Tough Call: The case of the unprofitable large customer

Your rep (#1 in sales volume) is threatening to leave and take your biggest customer (#1 in sales volume) to the competition if you insist on profitability. What would you do?
expensive inventory

Tough Call: The expensive inventory blues

Your decision to stock up on commodity lumber and panels just before prices plunged has stuck you with a lot of expensive inventory. What would you do?
tough call job planning

Tough Call: Job planning 101

Some of your less-than-organized builder customers are frustrated that they can't get the materials they want when they want them. How do you get them to start planning?
tough call new hire wages

Tough Call: How much should you pay new hires?

An applicant for an entry level position wants more money than your experienced team members earn. What would you do?

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