Tough Call

Tough Call - The Delivery Dilemma

Tough Call: The delivery dilemma

Your top salesperson persists in making delivery promises that your operations and delivery team can't possibly meet. What would you do?
Tough Call Labor Wage

Tough Call: The labor/wage question

The labor market is tight, competing employers are upping wages, and you can't fill positions. What would you do?
Tough Call big box

Tough Call: Who’s afraid of the big (bad) box?

A national big box home center chain is going up right across the street from your store. What would you do?
Tough Call Unmasked

Tough Call: Unmasked

A loyal, longtime customer refuses to wear a mask in your store. What would you do?
Tough Call Karen

Tough Call: The battle of Karen

Karen wants to speak to the manager. She wants a refund on her non-refundable custom order and says she'll raise a public ruckus until she gets her way. What would you do?
0221 tough call

Tough Call: Is Chuck worth it?

The leading salesperson at the company you've recently acquired is a major jerk, and others on your team want him gone, regardless of his sales volume. What would you do?
Tough call to buy or not to buy

Tough Call: To buy or not to buy

Buying a company is a big step. But buying a company during a pandemic takes a leap of faith. What would you do?
Tough Call the Peter Principle

Tough Call: The Peter Principle Problem

A newly-promoted employee is underperforming in his new role. What would you do?
Tough Call Warehouse

Tough Call: Not a warehouse

A long-delayed project for a very important customer means you're left holding onto a serious amount of materials without the space to do so. What would you do?
Oct tough call biggest fish

Tough Call: Is the biggest fish worth it?

Securing the business of the biggest builder in your area could mean sacrificing your existing customers' needs. What would you do?

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