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Upcoming Webinar: The Importance of Understanding Valuation

Knowing the value of your business is imperative because it fuels important decision making like tax planning, funding your post ownership goals, and negotiating a sale price.

Webinar Replay: 2023: Budgeting, Planning, and Your Credit Department

Thea Dudley takes you through the way to approach budgeting and planning to successfully get what you need.

Webinar Replay: How to Retain Your Top Talent

If you want to learn practical, tactical strategies to help you retain your best people, you won't want to miss Dave Molenda for the last--and the most powerful--webinar in this series.

Webinar Replay: Why You Should be Selling Metal Roofing and Wall Panels

This 30- to 40-minute webinar (with Q&A to follow) will help LBM dealers understand these unique advantages so they can be best prepared to offer metal roofing and wall panels to their customers.

Webinar Replay: Your customers are changing. Are you ready?

This fact-filled webinar discusses the challenges and opportunities facing LBM dealers as a younger generation of customers comes of age.

Webinar Replay: How to Hire Top Talent

Dave Molenda looks at the science behind the position that you are hiring for and dig deeper into what is behind the job.

Webinar Replay: Selling Your Business 101: How to Minimize Taxes & Protect Your Family

In this webinar, Stratus Wealth Advisors founder and owner, Sam Brownell, discusses ownership transition options to mitigate taxes, build net worth for the owner's family, and provide continuity for the operations of the business.

Webinar Replay: Leverage BI for Better Decision-Making

Shane Soule discusses how to use Business Intelligence (BI) to evaluate the same data we all have available--and use it to develop better decisions.

Webinar Replay: Credit Cards + Recession = The Perfect Storm

Ready or not, most economists agree that a recession is imminent, if it hasn't already begun. In this timely webinar, Thea Dudley will help you determine whether your company--specifically, your receivables--are ready!

Webinar Replay: What Steps Must Sellers Take When Seeking an Acquirer?

Working for a timeline, this 30-40 minute presentation examines the steps and documents required to get your company in front of potential acquirers…and what’s needed to close the deal.

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