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Upcoming Webinar: Efficiency in Estimating

Steve Fassnacht and Tim Kraft will demonstrate how the Pipeline LBM cloud-based material management and estimating software solution helps you create a bill of material that easily connects with your current back-office system and solves some of your resource shortages.

Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 201: Collecting the Data

Join in as Shane Soule goes deeper into basic cost accounting and shows how you can collect the data needed to make smart business decisions.

Webinar Replay: Proactive Succession Planning

By sharing details about the succession planning lifecycle, John Wagner and Sam Brownell will help independent dealers understand that having the right planning and processes in place can provide positive outcomes for the three key stakeholders in an ownership transition.

Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 101 – The Basics

Join Shane Soule as he starts off his new Cost Accounting series with "101 - The Basics." He will cover the macro areas that make up our true cost to serve and discuss how they affect your profitability.

Webinar Replay: Fleet Efficiency 301: Improving Truck Turnaround Times

Join Shane Soule as he covers the truck turnaround process and gives you a blueprint for starting your improvement plan.

Webinar Replay: Elevate Your Deck Sales: Your Showroom as a Sales Tool

When builders or homeowners visit your store to select the decking or railing products for their new deck, they don't want to see products from past seasons...they want to see the latest and greatest. As manufacturers retire old products/colors/designs and release new ones, it's critical that you make sure your showroom reflects that.

Webinar Replay: The Accidental Credit Manager: One Person’s Journey (so far)

What happens when you are “voluntold” for a role you never knew you wanted? Like when you learn that you are going to be the credit department? You take whatever comes your way and run with it!

Webinar Replay: Fleet Efficiency 201: It Starts With Sales

The biggest gains a company can make in improving efficiency is creating a culture where sales sets operations up for success.

Webinar Replay: Lien waivers… need I say more?!

Lien waivers are one of the most common documents that credit departments deal with, and they're often the most confusing and frustrating. Join Thea and her guest, lien law attorney Matt Viator, for the in’s and out’s of navigating ever-fun lien waivers. Bring your questions, challenges and examples as we put Matt on the hot seat again.

Webinar Replay: Fleet Strategies 101: Efficiency Creates Capacity

The chronic shortage of CDL drivers doesn't help. Before you hire more drivers or buy more trucks and trailers, Shane Soule wants to make sure you are making the most out of your current resources.

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