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Webinar Replay: E-Commerce In The House!

Brent Burrows II, senior manager of e-commerce and brand innovation at CBS Bahamas, joins Mike Berger to talk about how COVID-19 drove the company’s e-commerce presence for both the retail and pro sales locations using many different options.

Webinar Replay: Good Credit Hygiene in a Filthy Credit World

Thea Dudley and her guest Allan Francis, Manager of Credit Operations at Procore, discuss best practices and what “good hygiene” in the life of a credit manager really means.

Webinar Replay: LBM Tech Talk: Buying Group Security & Technology

Paul Dean, LBM Advantage CEO Steve Sallah, and Director of Information Technology Rich Walker review the tech challenges of running a buying cooperative that services 1,450 member locations in today's evolving supply chain.

Webinar Replay: Lien Waivers: Need I say more?

Thea Dudley talks about lien waivers, their different types, their benefits and risks, and why, when, and how to use them.

Webinar Replay: LBM Tech Talk: Building Industry Growth Through Technology and Innovation

In this webinar sponsored by Epicor, Paul and Brad discuss today's lumber innovation technology and how integrations are changing the product specification, design, manufacturing, and distribution of lumber throughout the supply chain.

Webinar Replay: Digitalization: Disrupt or be Disrupted

What is digitalization and how is it changing business as we know it for the lumber and building materials industry?

Webinar Replay: Collection Calls: How do you do them?!

Thea Dudley takes a look at collection strategies, approaches, and techniques from credit professionals across the industry.

Webinar Replay: Christmas Cornucopia 2022

Join Thea as she takes a fun and factual look back at the most popular topics from this year, a review of the questions that didn’t make the column, and a roundup of the year's most creative non-payment excuses and wacky reasons for not filling out a credit application.

Webinar Replay: The Importance of Understanding Valuation

Knowing the value of your business is imperative because it fuels important decision making like tax planning, funding your post ownership goals, and negotiating a sale price.

Webinar Replay: 2023: Budgeting, Planning, and Your Credit Department

Thea Dudley takes you through the way to approach budgeting and planning to successfully get what you need.

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