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Webinar Replay: How Will Your Acquisition Value Change in an Age of Inflation? (Hint:...

In this webinar, John Wagner of 1ST West M&A explains how sellers can defend higher acquisition values based on the higher gross profit dollars (and resulting higher EBITDA) that we saw in 2021, because they will likely continue in 2022.

Webinar Replay: Pricing Strategies 101: The Overview

Do you have a pricing strategy? Is it automated? Do you have a process to review it down to the customer and job level?

Webinar Replay: Defining Your Risk Management Approach

Welcome to 2022! January is the perfect time to define your risk management approach for the year.

Webinar Replay: Is Now Still A Good Time to Sell your LBM Business?

In this fast-paced, 40-minute webinar, John Wagner, one of the most-active investment bankers in the LBM sector, explains why 2022 will be another strong year for M&A activity.

Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 401: Macro/Micro Business Review

In the final webinar of the cost accounting series, Shane Soule will assist you in looking at your company from both a macro and micro perspective, as he helps you analyze your company’s “businesses inside your business.”

Webinar Replay: Building Better: Approaches to Resilient Roof Assemblies

In this 30-45 minute webinar, Matt Minchew, General Manager, ZIP System Roof Applications at Huber Engineered Woods identifies three keys to roof durability to better protect a home and its interior from water intrusion due to roof assembly damage.

Webinar Replay: Thea’s Christmas Credit Cornucopia

Join us for Christmas Credit Cornucopia! All the miscellaneous questions, frustrations, challenges and “stuff” that didn’t make it into one of Thea Dudley's webinars this year. Technology, sales reps, software, you name it, we will talk about it. 

Webinar Replay: Optimize Existing Technology: Productivity Solutions for Busy Times

Beisser Lumber and DMSi Software explain how the Iowa-based lumber company is leveraging the technology they already have to help existing staff be more productive, and to keep their operation running smoothly.

Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 301 – The New Math

In this 301 webinar, Shane Soule will share actions you can take with your most unprofitable customers to turn them from loss to profit and quickly improve your overall bottom line. (Hint: Firing them is not on the list of recommended actions.)

Webinar Replay: Credit Management: Success by Association

Join Thea Dudley and her guest, Jon Flora, President of National Association of Credit Managers Business Credit Services to talk about how to leverage association membership to strengthen your company's credit efforts.

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