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Upcoming Webinar: Power Up Your Marketing: How to Make the Most of Co-marketing Funds

The manufacturers whose products you sell are invested in your success--literally. That's why most, if not all of them have money built into their budget to help you with your marketing. But every year, much of that budgeted co-marketing or co-op money goes unspent.

Webinar Replay: Beyond the Trade Reference: Leveraging Commercial Credit Reports and more

Credit Overlord Thea Dudley will show how to leverage commercial credit reports and other resources to find the information you need in order to get those new accounts open for business.

Webinar Replay: Top Cybersecurity Risks Affecting the LBM Industry (and ways to manage them)

Cybersecurity expert Joe Bonanno discusses the different attack vectors criminals are taking, and how to defend your company against incoming attacks.

Webinar Replay: Effective Succession Planning Strategies

In this webinar, Sam Brownell, Managing Director at Stratus Wealth Advisors and John Wagner, Managing Director at 1st West M&A, will discuss many common concerns, how leadership continuity can impact the value you get for your business, and more.

Webinar Replay: Pricing 301: Implement the Plan

In the final webinar of the series, Shane brings it all together and gives tips for reviewing your pricing matrix and also ways to review your margins retroactively for continuous improvement.

Webinar Replay: Your Credit Application: Best Practices

Thea Dudley and construction litigation attorney Patrick Sneed discuss best practices for one of your most valuable and underrated forms.

Webinar Replay: Practical Insights for Lean Facility Planning

Join Shane Soule as he discusses new technologies available to help you make better decisions with your lean facilities planning.

Webinar Replay: Is There Still Time to Sell Your Company in 2022?

This webinar will explain how long it takes to get a company on the market for acquisition, what role your investment banker plays, what’s required of sellers, and what happens to real estate and more.

Webinar Replay: Cybersecurity and the Credit Department

Watch and listen as Thea and Joe Bonnano of Archetype SC, Inc. look at where your credit department is vulnerable. Learn how to protect your digital footprint while traveling, scams, and so much more.

Webinar Replay: Decking & Railing Q&A with Zuern Building Products

Spring is just around the corner, and all indications point to another rock solid season for decking and railing sales.

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