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Webinar Replay: Fleet Efficiency 201: It Starts With Sales

The biggest gains a company can make in improving efficiency is creating a culture where sales sets operations up for success.

Webinar Replay: Lien waivers… need I say more?!

Lien waivers are one of the most common documents that credit departments deal with, and they're often the most confusing and frustrating. Join Thea and her guest, lien law attorney Matt Viator, for the in’s and out’s of navigating ever-fun lien waivers. Bring your questions, challenges and examples as we put Matt on the hot seat again.

Webinar Replay: Fleet Strategies 101: Efficiency Creates Capacity

The chronic shortage of CDL drivers doesn't help. Before you hire more drivers or buy more trucks and trailers, Shane Soule wants to make sure you are making the most out of your current resources.

Webinar Replay: Credit Cards…A Necessary Evil

If you love the cash flow aspect of credit cards, but hate paying the merchant service fees, you're not alone.

Webinar Replay: Using Technology to Increase Productivity in the Warehouse and Yard

Most companies realize that they need technology for their office staff and to interface with their customers but overlook their warehouse and material handlers. Suppliers are utilizing the latest racking and forklifts, but many still not using technology to streamline processes and increase productivity by going paperless.

Webinar Replay: Best Practices: Lumber Inventory Management

With the lumber shortages and price spikes that began in 2020 and continue unchecked so far in 2021, effective inventory management is more important than ever. In this 30-40 minute webinar, Charles Owen, chief experience officer at Paladin Data Corporation, shares practical, tactical insights to help you improve your inventory processes and boost your company's bottom line.

Webinar Replay: Elevate Your Deck Sales: It’s Not Your Grandma’s Deck

In this episode of the Elevate Your Deck Sales webinar, John Lea, founder and CEO of DeckSouth, whose company has designed and built more than 2,000 high-end decks in the Atlanta market, focuses on the different styles of railings, and the different materials, with insights on how to recommend the right railing product based on the kind of decking used, the backyard, and the customer’s vision—and budget.

Webinar Replay: The Most Valuable Metric That You Likely Aren’t Measuring

The lumber market in 2021 has presented our industry with a serious business challenge. With all the volatility and inconsistency, we may feel like we're in a pinball game. The old ways of measuring performance and forecasting no longer seem to work.
Credit From Your Customer's Perspective

Webinar Replay: Credit From Your Customer’s Perspective

Ever call your customer for payment and think, “how do they not understand where I am coming from?” As it turns out, they do--but they have their own unique struggles with credit and collections. After all, credit managers all face the same fundamental challenges, but the perspective can be very different. Join Thea Dudley and her special guest, longtime credit manager Cheryl Young, for this insightful, 30-40 minute webinar.
What Explains the White-Hot M&A Market?

Webinar Replay: What Explains the White-Hot M&A Market?

In this 30-40 minute webinar, John will explain why there are so many recent acquisitions among LBM dealers and distributors, as buyers race to roll-up companies large and small from across the U.S.

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