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What Explains the White-Hot M&A Market?

Webinar Replay: What Explains the White-Hot M&A Market?

In this 30-40 minute webinar, John will explain why there are so many recent acquisitions among LBM dealers and distributors, as buyers race to roll-up companies large and small from across the U.S.
Elevate Your Deck Sales: How to Leverage Your Decking Ecosystem

Webinar Replay: Elevate Your Deck Sales: How to Leverage Your Decking Ecosystem

In this Elevate Your Deck Sales webinar, John Lea, founder and CEO of DeckSouth will share practical tactical ideas to help you work smarter with your deck builders and the manufacturers whose products you carry.
eCommerce 201 - Bridging the Gap

Webinar Replay: eCommerce 201 – Bridging the Gap

Building on the foundation of last month’s e-Commerce 101 webinar, Shane Soule will discuss how to "Bridge the Gap" from concept to execution of your e-Commerce strategy. Shane will discuss how to plan for success by helping you consider a strategy that includes marketing, merchandizing, process, and resources.
Leveraging Lean: Work Smarter

Webinar Replay: Leveraging Lean: How to Work Smarter and Deliver More Value

Across the U.S., dealers and distributors are facing material shortages, historically high prices, a tight labor market, and a red-hot building market. That’s why a growing number of companies are embracing Lean concepts to drive waste from their business, and to do more and more with less and less.
Dudley webinar 040621

Webinar Replay: Mechanics Liens and Your Bottom Line

Join Thea Dudley and her special guest, Matt Viator, lien law attorney, to gain a greater understanding of mechanics liens, including how to sell the concept to your sales team, your leadership and your customers and put a program together that is right for your company.
John Lea

Webinar Replay: Elevate Your Deck Sales: Railings are NOT an Afterthought (Margins anyone?)

When homeowners are shopping for their dream deck, they often focus only on the deck boards. But that’s only half the story. The right railing system can make a huge difference in the aesthetics, performance, and livability of a new deck. In this, the first episode of our new Elevate Your Deck Sales webinar series, respected decking expert John Lea, founder and CEO of DeckSouth, will share what he’s learned about helping homeowners select the right railing for their project.
eCommerce 101

Webinar Replay: e-commerce 101: First of all, what is it?

Is your competition taking business from you through their e-commerce platform and you aren’t sure how to implement, or even where to start? Join Shane Soule as he covers the basics of how e-commerce has arrived in our industry, and is rapidly changing the way our customers interact with us.

Webinar Replay: The “Party of One” Credit Dept.

Ever go out to dinner with friends and when the bill comes you are suddenly alone? Welcome to the party of one credit department, where the buck stops. Leveraging your time, talents and technology is a must in a one stop shop.
The Problem with Quote Logs

Webinar Replay: The Problem with Quote Logs

Managing sales goals by concentrating on a quote log is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle with only a few of the pieces. Worse yet, some of the pieces don’t even belong in the puzzle.
Lean Communication: Unboxing the Inbox

Webinar Replay: Lean Communication: Unboxing the Inbox

Lean improvement opportunities are everywhere in our businesses and not just in our yards and manufacturing areas. An often unnoticed and undervalued opportunity for lean improvement is our internal methods of communication.

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