Cedar Creek Moving to Madison, Wis.

CedarCreek_LogoCedar Creek announced Friday that the company is moving to a new facility in Madison, Wis. The branch will officially open for business in the new location on Tuesday, August 18. The facility is located at 1102 Lumbermans Trail, Madison, WI, 53716. All phone numbers will remain the same.

According to Cedar Creek’s CEO, D. Wayne Trousdale, “We are excited to have completed the transaction on the facility as it will afford the opportunity to provide exceptional service to our customers.”

Cedar Creek’s COO, Alex Averitt, added, “We have a great team in Madison and the increased capacity of the new facility will enable them to broaden our product offering to provide more value to our customers.”

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Cedar Creek is a leading wholesale building material distribution company with twenty-four locations servicing 32 states. In May of 2010, Cedar Creek was recapitalized by Boston-based Charlesbank Capital Partners, with the goal of providing flexible capital for the company to grow beyond its current trade areas.

Source: Cedar Creek