Cellular PVC Steel Frame Entrance Gates

The new cellular PVC steel frame entrance gates from Walpole Outdoors offer residences and businesses a sense of security while offering an inviting entryway.

walpole-outdoors-cellular-pvc-entry-gateWalpole Outdoors, one of the country’s leading manufacturers and distributors of distinctive architectural landscape products and structures, today launched its cellular PVC-clad steel frame entrance gates that can be utilized for both residential and commercial applications. Designed with form and function in mind, the steel frame entrance gates provide privacy and security while offering a stunning architectural element to exteriors.

Walpole Outdoors’ entrance gates are constructed from galvanized steel, which is resistant to corrosive materials, with a cellular PVC exterior frame. They are available in a multitude of standard styles or custom designs, and come pre-finished in a variety of Sherwin-Williams paint colors. The steel frame entrance gates are also available in both a swing or slide motion format, and can be installed with a hydraulic entry system for easy access.

“We designed these gates to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye,” says Lou Maglio, president of Walpole Outdoors. “The entrance gates are the first thing a guest sees when pulling up a driveway; it sets the overall tone for a home or building’s exterior landscaping.”

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walpole-outdoors-cellular-pvc-entry-gate-2The steel frame braces the weight of the structure to prevent sagging and increases longevity. In addition, the steel frame also averts a “jerking” motion upon opening, which oftentimes occurs when the gate is not properly supported.

The accompanying pillar posts can be customized to ensure the gate seamlessly blends with the rest of a home or business’ exterior architecture. A variety of lanterns and caps are offered to lend grace and beauty to the final product.

Moreover, Walpole Outdoors’ new steel frame entrance gates are available with controlled access. Options include a keypad system or remote control-operated system, both of which provide a residence or business with enhanced security. A qualified electrician is needed to complete this portion of the installation.

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Information provided by Walpole Outdoors