Choose a takeoff service that increases estimating capacity when it matters most

Nobody really likes producing material takeoffs and creating estimates. They’re time-consuming, prone to inaccuracies and, honestly, they’re a headache. Now you can eliminate takeoff hassles with Paradigm Estimate™.

Paradigm Estimate is a technology-driven takeoff service that examines your blueprints and creates a detailed material takeoff and marked-up plan. Simply submit your blueprint using our online portal and Paradigm Estimate takes care of the rest.

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Our team of estimators employ some pretty amazing technology that identifies the types, quantity, and location of the building materials you want to include in your quote. Paradigm Estimate even identifies blueprint discrepancies, to ensure you produce consistent, more accurate quotes every time.

Not to mention speed. With our fast three-day turnaround, Paradigm Estimate lets you get on with producing more quotes, winning more bids, and growing your business.

It’s time to forget the takeoff headaches. Paradigm Estimate offers the speed, accuracy, and convenience that helps sales teams spend more time on what counts the most: growing your lumberyard business. Watch this video to see how it works.

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