CNRG Acquires LumberJack Building Centers

Boyden Moore, Jimmy R. Smith and Douglas A. Gregory

Natchez, Miss.–Michigan regional chain LumberJack will be under a new umbrella starting today, but customers and employees will barely see the difference.

Boyden Moore, president of CNRG, said that nothing will be different from a customer standpoint now that his group Central Network Retail Group (CNRG) acquired the 5-store chain.

“We’re excited about this,” Moore said. “It’s a great business. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to bring them in to CNRG.

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Central Network Retail Group, LLC (“CNRG”) announced Monday the acquisition of LumberJack Building Centers, Inc (“LumberJack”) of Algonac, Michigan. LumberJack operates 5 home center stores in the Lake St. Clair area northeast of Detroit. The company was founded in 1964 by Gordon Birgbauer, Jr. who passed away in August of 2014, a release states. The stores sell a full assortment of lumber, hardware, plumbing, electrical, tools, paint, and lawn and garden supplies serving both DIY and Pro customers.

From a staff viewpoint, the changes will be minimal as well, Moore said.

“We are excited about the addition of LumberJack as a new brand and geography for CNRG,” said Jimmy R. Smith, chairman of CNRG said in a prepared statement.

Boyden Moore, president of CNRG, added, “LumberJack is a great brand in Michigan that we look forward to growing. We were fortunate to meet Gordon in February of 2014 at the Orgill Dealer Market when we first heard the story of how he built his business over the past 50 years. Gordon’s passion for his customers and employees was evident in our initial conversations and CNRG is grateful to have the opportunity to carry his legacy forward. This is a great example of the how CNRG can fulfill a need for business owners seeking a transition of ownership.”

CNRG currently operates 53 home centers, hardware stores, and lumberyards in ten states under thirteen different brands. CNRG was formed in 2011, by Jimmy R. Smith, president of Home Hardware and Boyden Moore, president of Tyndale Advisors. The company is building a multi-format, multi-brand operating company through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.