COMMENTARY: Growing Your Business Through Sales Talent

 Not All Sales Positions are the Same

Once an owner or leader has gone through this objective assessment, it is clear that not all companies’ market advantages are the same, which means not all sales positions are the same. Understanding your company’s role in the value proposition, you can then begin to comprehend the level of difficulty selling in your market. A sales compensation program is reflective of the differences.

Are you selling Budweiser while riding a Clydesdale during the Super Bowl or trying to sell Moose Drool beer in a dry county riding a donkey?

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 The ROI Matters—Mutually

As a recruiter, I see all of the programs listed in John’s research and more. Therefore, also take into consideration the following:

• What are the projected gross profit dollars a sales professional can generate in the given environment?

• How does the ownership and sales professional value that contribution?

From a sales side it can be easy. What is the percentage of gross profit dollars I will collect on the job, and how much volume can I sell?

From the ownership side it can be daunting. By analyzing the Sales Compensation and Benefits Study, you can begin to determine where your company’s sales professionals fall in comparison to other companies. Don’t get distracted by broad reaching unemployment data—instead, remain focused and know the limited number of talented sales professionals in your industry segment who have relationships with your customers.


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