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Cooper Lumber acquires Thomasville Lumber Co. Inc.

Cooper Lumber announced the acquisition of Thomasville Lumber Company, Inc. Thomasville Lumber Company, owned and operated by James Dixon since 2001, produces 4/4 and 8/4 rough and dressed pine lumber for sale in both domestic and export markets, and is known in the industry for its superior lumber quality and customer satisfaction.

“We are excited to welcome the Thomasville Lumber team into the Cooper family,” said Angus R. Cooper III, President of The Cooper Group, Inc. “The addition of Thomasville Lumber greatly enhances Cooper Lumber’s ability to meet growing customer demand and provide the industry’s highest standard of lumber products and customer service.”

The sawmill facility that became Thomasville Lumber in 2001 was developed in 1966 as a small lumber mill under R.R. Bedwell. The facility continued to expand operations until 1975 when Bankhead Hardwoods, Inc. acquired the facility. In 1979, Coastal Lumber Company acquired the location and converted it to a pine mill in 1988.

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The Cooper Group’s start in the lumber industry started with the acquisition of the Cooper Lumber-Carrollton Sawmill facility in 2018, McComb Sawmill in 2022, and now the Cooper Lumber-Thomasville Sawmill, increasing annual pine lumber production to over 57 million board feet annually.

“Cooper Lumber welcomes the Thomasville Lumber team to The Cooper Group,” said Jason W. Anderson, Managing Director of Cooper Timberlands Corp. “The added quality lumber production and close proximity of the Cooper Lumber-Thomasville facility to our other sawmill locations will play a vital role as we continue to diversify the Cooper Lumber brand to meet the demands that our growing customer base has come to expect.”

Cooper Lumber’s pine sawmill in Carrollton, AL specializes in producing 1” rough-cut lumber, and their pine sawmill in McComb, MS produces 1” S4S boards, both for sale in domestic and export markets. Cooper Timberlands forestry footprint expands across the southeastern United States and consists of sawmills, a chip mill, woodyard operations, and land management.

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The acquisition was finalized in February 2024.

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