Crafted for Beauty and Strength

ProVia Allegheney Limestone
ProVia Allegheney Limestone.

ProVia manufactured stone looks and feels like the real thing because each mold is handcrafted to capture the depth and character of natural stone. Deep shadow lines combined with authentic coloring produce dramatic effects in each manufactured stone profile, and undercuts and subtle textures result in a near-perfect replicate of the rugged textures of authentic quarried stone.

To achieve this, ProVia selects natural stones from unique geographic regions for every master mold and uses raw pigments and oxides for rich color. Instead of appearing only on the surface of stone faces, the colors permeate throughout, giving each a natural look, with hues that last for years – even in exterior applications when exposed to weathering.

The beauty of stones found in nature is that they typically exhibit a wide assortment of shapes, contours, and proportions. ProVia goes to great lengths to ensure their manufactured stone replicates the structural diversity found in the environment. Slab-shaped profiles, such as Terra Cut™ and Natural Cut™, are chunky and full; tiled configurations, like Edge Cut™, Dry Stack and PrecisionFit™ mimic densely pressed sandstone; and curved or irregular silhouettes – River Rock and Ridge Cut™ – assume the imprecise, asymmetrical shapes found in nature.

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ProVia Slate Russet Terra Cut Blend
ProVia Slate Russet Terra Cut Blend.

ProVia manufactured stone is not a typical stone veneer or panelized product; it exceeds certification standards for shear bond strength, freeze-thaw durability, and linear drying shrinkage. Individual stones are crafted so that no two are exactly alike, and each stone has a flat back for easier installation and fewer cuts on the jobsite.

Ideal for Exterior Projects and Indoor Accents

ProVia manufactured stone adds a dramatic style to homes as an exterior cladding, and indoors as stone veneer fireplaces and wall accents. Its durability, versatility, and handsome looks make it an ideal alternative to brick, and it offers a great variety of configurations and colors. The wide range of profiles and color palettes, the inherent aesthetic appeal, and the natural contours combine to give home exteriors, interior accents, and fireplaces the handsome and timeless appeal of natural stone.

ProVia manufactured stone is a versatile and striking design feature that can be used to great effect as the exclusive exterior cladding, or paired with vinyl siding for dramatic variation in textures. It can be used to enhance structural elements such as entryways, front porches, patios, and garages, or to beautify outbuildings like sheds, workshops, and pool houses.

Backyard and patio areas are ideal spaces for using ProVia stone to enhance outdoor kitchens and grills, water features like ponds or fountains, and cozy fire pits. Stone can be used to create a traditional campfire-style fire pit, or used to build a raised fire table. Manufactured stone works great as a structural element in providing privacy for a hot tub or swimming pool, as fencing for an entire yard or a smaller enclosure, or used to build a retaining wall. Gatherings spots like gazebos and porticos can employ manufactured stone in creating seating areas.

ProVia Slate TerraCut
ProVia Slate TerraCut.

ProVia’s wide range of stone profiles and color palettes offer numerous options for creating a warm and handsome hearth. Fireplaces offer unique opportunities for incorporating manufactured stone into interior design. Stone can be used from the base all the way to the ceiling for an impressive, commanding feature in a large space, or from the base to the mantel for a cozy atmosphere.

Manufactured stone shape and color come into play when designing a signature hearth. Slab-shaped profiles like Limestone, Edge Cut and Natural Cut impart a traditional ‘homestead’ look and feel, while compact, smaller stones like those in the DryStack and Ledgestone profiles look great with contemporary or modern living spaces. Complementary stone profiles and colors convey harmony, while contrasting profiles can provide eye-catching variations in textures.

Manufactured stone accents allow homeowners to create drama and intensity with interior stone walls in dens, dining areas, or family rooms. Smaller configurations can be used as accent features, borders, or backsplashes in a kitchen or laundry, or in bathrooms as countertop and shower surrounds. For interior and exterior stone applications, view the ProVia Stone Gallery.

Ships in Days, not Weeks

Robust manufacturing, efficient packaging, and fast fulfillment allow ProVia to ship stone in days, not weeks or months. Despite recent supply chain challenges, ProVia has been able to produce and deliver manufactured stone in a timely fashion, so pros can install and move on to the next job quickly, without work delays or disruptions.

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