DEALER PROFILE: Innovating Outside the Box

Rick Pogue Arrowhead Building Supply

A fearless approach to gain brand recognition helps grow Arrowhead Building Supply.

In an industry filled with rich history and decades of family-owned traditions, Arrowhead Building Supply takes an innovative approach to running—and growing— its business. From its home base in the heart of Missouri, the six-location company has worked hard to build its share of the market by creating ways to better serve its customers, such as the construction and design of its own delivery equipment, a shingle recycling bin program, an internal lettering and design department and an unusually aggressive same-day delivery program.

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“There are countless innovations and benefits we have created for our customers that set us apart,” says Rick Pogue, chief management officer of Arrowhead Building Supply. “Of these, the most important remains our service level. All orders placed with Arrowhead are delivered the same day, unless otherwise specified by the customer—unmatched anywhere in our business.”

With operations headed on the right track after its 16 years in business, the company has four full-line locations spread throughout Missouri in Hollister, Springfield, St. Peters, Pevely, a corporate headquarters in St. Louis, as well as separate locations in Lowell, Ark. and Belleville, Ill. Each location includes a 4,000 square foot showroom and a classroom area for workshops. Serving roughly 90% industry pros, Arrowhead employs approximately 110 people, with an inside sales force of 21 individuals and an outside sales force of five.

Pogue applauds the company’s outside sales force for helping to drive business to the inside sales force. And throughout the last five years, the effort has shown. “The last five years have all been record sales years for Arrowhead Building Supply,” he adds; the greatest profit earned in 2012 due to a large hailstorm, with sales surpassing $65 million.

In Your Face Approach

Though the operation is relatively young compared to many other lumberyards, the management has been in the industry for decades. Headed by President Jerry Pogue and Vice President Larry Saxe, each have been in the business for more than 30 years—working with Jerry’s son, Rick, and the other employees to lead the company in the right direction.

Two of the company’s main goals are to develop and trademark Arrowhead’s best service/value philosophy and to create 100% brand awareness within the markets that it serves.

“Since 2000, we have changed our marketing approach as we would like to refer to as ‘In Your Face Marketing,’” Pogue explains. “We created a logo for our company in 2001, and began an ongoing marketing campaign to create 100% awareness in every market we compete in.”