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DEALER PROFILE: Innovating Outside the Box

Arrowhead Building Supply Remodeling

Just like major successful corporations, Arrowhead constructs each of its locations to follow identical floor plans so that each building looks the same, becoming a recognizable trademark throughout the community.

“We will continue to work to dominate every market we compete in and remodel—and even rebuild—our facilities to match our new facilities,” he says.

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Pogue adds, “We want Arrowhead Building Supply to be the first name spoken when someone needs building materials for their home or business. Our marketing campaign is multi-faceted and part of everything that we do.”

In the past few years, Arrowhead has begun using radio exposure to create brand awareness in the area, and the result has been quite effective. On top of broadcasting, the company advertises in high-end home magazines, sends out quarterly newsletters, is active through its website and social media and participates in several high-exposure benefits. Arrowhead is also an active and supportive member in all of its local HBA chapters and Chamber of Commerce, along with other national organizations.

On top of its aggressive marketing methodology, the company prides itself in its originality. Over the years, Arrowhead has designed and built its own custom delivery equipment; this includes truck beds, conveyors, trailers, power hitches and job lockers. These innovations allow employees to provide solid value to their customers.

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“It sounds simple and too good to be true, but it is what it’s all about: Arrowhead Building Supply customers know their dollars will go further with us than any other supplier,” Pogue says.

And with building codes and regulations moving toward green building, the company is active in the sustainable movement, having pioneered a shingle waste removal program that continues to be an added attraction to customers. Pogue explains that for a fee, Arrowhead will supply a Shingle Recycling Bin to its customers and will pick the container up when it’s full. The shingles are then recycled and used on roads.

Just this year, the company plans to move its Belleville location to Fairview Heights, Ill., where it will operate the company’s first onsite shingle recycling plant in conjunction with another business.

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Handling a Competitive Market

Like many lumberyards, increased competition from national chains continues to be a challenge for one-step distributors, like Arrowhead Building Supply. Yet, the company’s focus remains on local and smaller contractors to drive a majority of its business.

“It takes complete understanding of local and smaller contractors, along with the willingness to invest in customized delivery/service systems and value-added benefits that the national distributors are either unwilling or unable to replicate,” Pogue says.

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