DEALER PROFILE: Seizing an Opportunity

The company upholds a certain degree of entrepreneurship, allowing fresh ideas to flow and a chance for “everyone to shine,” according to Elenbaum. “Of course, being able to follow directions is key,” he adds.

As members of the HBA of Greenville and as a National Director for the North American Decking and Railing Association (NADRA), DeckStore is not only looking into purchasing another location within the next year, but it also hopes to continue to improve its current model, too.

“We have goals to continue to refine the model that we’re working on,” Elenbaum says. “Again, it’s a new concept, so there are always some tweaks and changes that we have to make. We took a lumberyard, a specialty distributor, a big box garden center, and a landscape supplier and slammed it into one.

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Needless to say, we had to clean that up,” Elenbaum explains. “We got many of the major problems out of the way, allowing us to focus on the direction of where we want to go.”

Just like any successful business, the company plans on continuing to educate its employees and customers to reaffirm trust within the community. Elenbaum adds, “Doing these things makes us a better candidate and a better resource for our customers, and that goes to our bottom line and theirs.”