DEALER PROFILE: Simonson Lumber

President and CEO Peter Simonson, Simonson Lumber.

In Fargo it’s possible to take a walk through a homebuilder’s new house before the site has been prepped and the cement poured.


With the help of virtual reality, staff at Simonson Lumber can show you around your house plans, let you see every wall, hall and cabinet, and even print out a three-dimensional replica for you to take home.

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It’s not unusual in the Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota area that make up Simonson Lumber’s market to find a lumberyard that can complete house plans. Other yards in the area do it as well. While not an architectural firm, 90-year-old Simonson Lumber does have an architect on staff and has been drawing up house plans for decades. In fact, when the company started drawing up plans, they didn’t even charge for the service. It was considered an added value for buying the lumber.