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DeckWise® Hardwood Hidden Deck Fasteners

The Ipe Clip Hardwood Hidden Deck Fastener line is designed to prolong and enhance the performance of any hardwood, kiln dried, composite or PVC decking material. With 3 gap spacing options, you can find the perfect fastening system for your deck install needs while offering quick and easy installation while giving both do-it-yourselfers and expert decking contractors a smooth, screw free and fastener free surface.

The DeckWise® EXTREME® series is the original hardwood hidden deck fastener with its patented stainless-steel insert molded inside the clip. This creates a solid fastener that has been tested to be 3x stronger than other unseen fasteners. On the outside, the clip is molded in a plastic polymer resin coating adding to both its UV resistant qualities as well as its chemical resistant qualities.

Using kiln-dried materials? The Extreme KD offers ¼” gap spacing while allowing the boards to expand on its width as needed. Using air-dried hardwood? The Extreme fastener with a 3/32” gap would be the perfect fit. Wanting to build a deck, but not sure what material your wanting? The ExtremeS allows a 5/32” gap between board while working with both air-dried and kiln-dried as well as PVC and composite decking. With any of these materials, we also have your gap spacing needs covered as well as camouflaging and concealing our fasteners with our 3 color options or “Hardwood Brown”, “Shadowline Black” and “Composite Grey” to match your materials.

Every product in the Extreme line of deck fasteners does the job right the first time and works with nearly every brand of hardwood, composite, and PVC decking material while matching nearly every material with 3 UV resistant colors and the stainless-steel insert making them one of the most durable fasteners on the market.

Our complete fastener kits come in multiple combinations of clip colors and sizes as well as screw types, lengths, screw head colors, screw bits, gap spacers, and hardwood hole plugs.

The unique design offers easy installation while resulting in a family-friendly smooth finish free of exposed screws. This installation method and ability to run screws at a 45-degree angle through hardwood holds the decking tight to the joist while allowing one side of the board to freely expand and contract naturally eliminating the possibility of lifting screws keeping your deck sturdy and beautiful like the first day it was built. The Hardwood Hidden Deck Fastener were developed with deck builders in mind, to make the building process as easy and fast as possible. When using the Ipe Clip Fastener System, you will only need half of the fasteners that are required for traditional face screwing methods. Our fastening system allows all of the work to be done from the top-side of the deck which will save on labor costs and time.

The Ipe Clip Kits can be ordered in variations of 100 and 175 clips. Decking screws can be mixed and matched for different colors, styles, and lengths. Visit to learn more.

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