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DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fasteners

DeckWise® Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners are more than just Ipe hardwood deck fasteners. These hidden deck fasteners have been the industry standard for hardwood grooved decking since the year 2000. Fastening all sorts of hardwood species, thermal woods, and composite deck boards.

Our deck fastener clips are unlike most all-metal hidden deck fasteners, which can react with wood causing staining. The Ipe Clip® deck fastener is molded of a malleable plastic polymer resin coating (further adding UV & chemical resistant qualities), allowing for the natural expansion/contraction of deck boards.

Manufactured with a stainless-steel reinforcement insert, they are tested to be up to 3x stronger than other hidden deck/patio fastener systems. The unique and patented design offers quick and easy installation, while giving both do-it-yourselfers and professional decking contractors a smooth, fastener-free surface their customers ask for. The rigid stainless-steel insert firmly holds decking to joists eliminating decking screws from pulling through as the deck material expands.

Offered in three color choices, the plastic resin shell also camouflages and conceals the edge-mount deck fastener between the board gaps for a true “hidden fastener” look. Available in Hardwood Brown, Composite Grey or Shadowline Black to match the desired color of your exotic hardwoods, thermally modified wood, PVC or composite decking.

Whether installing air or kiln dried hardwood, thermally modified softwood, composite or PVC decking, we have the appropriate fastener with three board gap spacing options. Choose from a 3/32” (Extreme) spacer leg for kiln dried wood or go with a larger gap for air dried and composite deck boards with our 5/32” (Extreme S) or 1/4” (Extreme KD) spacer legs.

DeckWise® “Extreme” hidden deck fastener kits can be ordered in multiple combinations of clip colors, screw types, lengths and head colors, screw bits and tips, gap spacer sizes, as well as face screwing and leader board wooden hole plugs. Kit combinations come in variations of 100, 175, 525, and 1050 kit counts. Plus, decking screws can be mixed and matched for different lengths, color and style.

Every hidden deck fastener in our Extreme® line, gets the job done right the first time and works with nearly every brand of edge grooved thermal wood, composite decking, PVC and hardwood deck materials.

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