DesignEdge Multi-Ply Exposed Edge Hardwood Panels

New exposed-edge plywood, available as blank platforms or with decorative hardwood veneer faces, provides visual appeal to wood furniture, cabinetry, closets, furnishings and fixtures.

Design Edge Hardwood PanelsColumbia Forest Products announces the introduction of DesignEdge™ multi-ply panels, made in North America with award-winning PureBond® formaldehyde-free technology.

These new panels feature unique, visually arresting “thick and thin” inner ply layers that are exposed along on the edges. The result is a new sense of aesthetic beauty, drama and appeal that is visible from every angle – with no added formaldehyde.

Among the many furniture, furnishing and fixture designs that benefit from the striking new look of DesignEdge panels are items like dining facility and coffee tables, bookcases, children’s furniture and store fixtures, for starters.

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Decorative face options for DesignEdge panels include Columbia’s hardwood veneer such as maple, oak and walnut. Or, if preferred, fabricators can lay up high pressure laminate on “blank” DesignEdge platforms, making the design possibilities for DesignEdge panels nearly limitless.

DesignEdge panels are also ideal for presenting a fresh new look for drawer boxes used in kitchen cabinets, closet systems, entertainment centers, bedroom suites and other furniture and furnishings.

Domestic Production . . . Visual Interest

DesignEdge panels are manufactured in North America and are readily available for shipment and delivery. 4’ x 8’ panels are available in the following thicknesses:

  • 1/2″
  • 5/8″
  • 3/4″

Thanks to their unique combination hardwood ply core construction, the panels are practically void-free, thus minimizing reject rates and maximizing creativity.

DesignEdge panels deliver excellent machinability and screw-holding characteristics. Their uniform construction means that fabrication is easy for finishing panel edges in a variety of eye-catching styles including flat, rounded and beveled edge treatments.

Fascinating carving effects can also be produced through the face, exposing the inner ply’s in any number of interesting ways.