DEWALT updates 60V MAX tools

DEWALT has announced upgrades to three products that were part of the original DEWALT FLEXVOLT System, debuted in 2016. The new 60V MAX FLEXVOLT 7-1/4″ Circular Saw; 60V MAX FLEXVOLT 4-1/2″- 6″ Grinder (DCG418); and 60V MAX FLEXVOLT Reciprocating Saw (DCS389) each offer increased power versus their predecessors. The upgrades to these three tools mean that the Circular Saw is up to 47% more powerful than its predecessor. The Grinder is up to 30% more powerful than its predecessor, and the Reciprocating Saw is up to 19% more powerful than its predecessor. Each tool has received increased performance via new motors, new software, and new controls. In addition, each of these tools will be available as a kit with a 9.0Ah battery.

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