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Like all great ideas, Silvermine Stone began as a drawing on a cocktail napkin on a rainy Wisconsin day in the mid 2000s when a stone mason was frustrated with the cold wet weather keeping him from his work. Little did he know at the time, his drawing would do more than allow him to install stone in the rain, but it would revolutionize the entire stone industry. Over the next 12 years, Silvermine Stone continued to produce and sell product throughout the United States.

As the mortarless stone category grew, the concept for Silvermine Stone proved relevant. Under new ownership and a year’s worth of operational investments, in 2020 Silvermine Stone launched the Belterra Collection, renewing the Silvermine Stone brand and its commitment to being a leader in the marketplace.

Today the Silvermine Stone product line provides a suite of characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of the manufactured stone veneer market, while addressing some very real and relevant trends in the industry.

Silvermine Stone
Silvermine Stone

MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: Silvermine Stone is the only brand of mortarless stone veneer that features a patented flashing system, which creates a shingle effect on the wall. Unlike other brands of mortarless stone that readily allow moisture to pass between the stone panels and depend on the substrate to protect the house, Silvermine Stone’s flashing system prevents moisture from getting through to the substrate.  Similar to how a shingled roof keeps moisture out. Roofs aren’t built to allow water in and depend on another system to allow the water to exit, so why build a wall this way?

EASE OF INSTALLATION: Silvermine Stone makes installing stone veneer easy. The panelized system allows anyone with a drill, circular saw and a level to install stone veneer. Silvermine’s panels are cast from highly precise molds, the edges are all square and panels fit tightly together side-to-side and top to bottom. The installers don’t have to work with cumbersome tabs or alignment systems, nor do they have to figure out how to layout various sizes or shaped panels.  In addition, the two-piece corner panels create a simple corner system that also works to set the alignment of the rest of the panels on the wall without having to cut and plan each course of stones.  Silvermine was designed for a fast and simple installation.

Silvermine Stone
Silvermine Stone

REAL STONE AESTHETICS:  Silvermine’s Stones Belterra Collection was cast from real ledgestone masters.  The five popular color blends feature over 50 unique panel designs, manufactured with high mineral pigments that are hand applied during the casting process. These details remove any concerns of seeing repeating patterns on the wall, while providing a highly detailed stone-look with high quality colors that are made to last.

Silvermine Stone pioneered the mortarless stone category over 15 years ago, and remains a leader in the marketplace as one of few mortarless stone brands to have an ICC report (ESR-4787). Coupling the patented flashing system, simple installation, high quality real stone aesthetics, and full product offering, Silvermine Stone stands ready to help you grow your business with a differentiated, value-added offering.

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