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Digger Specialties, Inc. The Column Solutions Company

Digger Specialties, Inc. (DSI) offers a comprehensive line of columns under the Westbury® Columns brand. Westbury Column designs meet virtually any column requirement for residential and commercial uses. Functionality and design come together in every column product we manufacture. Westbury Columns are available in three materials that offer specific functional design features: Composite, Fiberglass, and Aluminum.

Westbury Columns offer quality craftsmanship, impeccable design, and integrated architectural elements. These attributes deliver an elegant, low-maintenance, and long-lasting column.  Composite, Fiberglass, and Aluminum columns are available in a broad selection of sizes, styles, and load-bearing capacities to meet the demands of your project’s expectations.

Westbury Composite and Fiberglass columns are designed with unique features such as Caulk-N-Walk® Seamless Columns, Plumb Perfect® Columns, Standard Columns, Herculite Fiberglass Columns, and Composite Split-Fit® Columns.

Digger Specialties


For centuries, Architectural Columns have graced the entrances to homes, commercial buildings, and governmental structures. Columns provide lasting support for porches or other structures. Beyond serving a support function, columns enhance the beauty, elegance, and appearance of any home or building. Today, homeowners and architects can choose from a variety of column styles and designs ranging from classic to contemporary.


  • Columns provide support for porches, decks, and other overhead structures.
  • Columns are used as design elements both indoors and outdoors.
  • Columns on a porch or the front of a building serve as a dramatic grand entrance providing curb appeal with a classic look.
  • Columns are available in a wide array of styles to compliment specific architectural building aesthetics.
  • Homeowners and architects can select from a variety of column materials to meet a project’s structural and design requirements.


  • Column Base: Columns typically rest on a substrate. The column base is a sleeve component that slides onto the column to provide a finished look.
  • Column Shaft: The column shaft is the main part of a column that supports the header beam, and rests on a substrate. Westbury Columns are available in Round Smooth Tapered & Non-Tapered, Round Fluted, Square Smooth, Square Fluted, Square Recessed, Square Recessed Panel, and Craftsman designs to meet specific needs.
  • Column Capital: The column capital is an accent piece positioned at the top of a column. Capitals come in durable polyurethane or zinc die cast materials to match the column. Capitals can range in style from simplistic to decorative. The capital is a sleeve component that slides on the top of a column. Decorative capitals for composite columns are cast using a product similar to the column material. These decorative capitals are load bearing unless split and are an integral part of the column.
  • Astragals and Neck Rings: Neck Rings are molded into Round Smooth and Round Fluted composite columns. Astragals are an adjustable decorative piece that can be installed near the column capital.  Astragals are included with all square composite and fiberglass columns and our Aluminum Square Smooth with Astragal column.


  • Aluminum: Westbury Aluminum Columns are produced with premium quality durable lightweight aluminum. Available in 12 standard colors. Aluminum columns have a load bearing capacity of 5,000 pounds.
  • Composite: Westbury Composite Columns are produced with calcium carbonate (marble dust), polyester resin and other ingredients. These components yield a column that retains lasting durability and structural (load bearing) integrity.
  • Fiberglass: Westbury Fiberglass Herculite Columns are produced using advanced pultrusion technology. Fiberglass Columns are a durable lightweight option to meet specific column needs.


  • Mill Finish: Mill Finish is the standard finish for all Westbury composite and fiberglass columns. Mill Finish column surfaces allow for choosing the paint color and gloss level of the column.
  • Caulk-N-Walk®: Caulk-N-Walk seamless columns are designed to eliminate the need to prep and paint select sizes of Round Smooth Tapered columns. Caulk-N-Walk Columns are ready to install out of the box.
  • Powder Coated: Westbury Aluminum Columns are produced using a proprietary 10 step powder coating process that is the most stringent in the industry. The result is a lasting low maintenance finish. Westbury Aluminum Columns are available in 12 standard colors with the option to place special orders for custom colors.


Columns are available in a wide range of designs and styles. The following include the most prevalent designs:

  • Square Columns: Square Columns are incorporated into colonial and contemporary designs. Today, Square Columns dominate architectural design.
    • Square Smooth Columns offer a sleek streamlined look and are available in Composite, Fiberglass, and Aluminum.
    • Square Recessed Columns feature a visually striking decorative look compared to non-recessed columns and are available in Composite and Aluminum.
  • Round Columns: Round Columns are commonly used with traditional architecture.
    • Round Smooth Non-Tapered columns are available in Composite.
    • Round Tapered Columns have a larger diameter at the bottom of the column than at the top. A tapered column provides a more decorative appearance than a non-tapered column. Tapered Columns are available in Composite
  • Fluted Columns: Fluted Columns feature grooves in the surface of the column. These grooves are typically referred to as flutes and are highly decorative.
    • Fluted Columns are available in both round and square in Composite and Aluminum.
  • Craftsman Columns: Craftsman style columns are distinctly Americana and are associated with the Arts & Crafts Movement.
    • Craftsman Columns come in smooth or recessed designs and are available in composite.
  • Load Bearing Columns: Load bearing columns are comprised of high-quality materials that are designed as a support element for interior and exterior uses. Splitting or cutting a column removes the load bearing capability of any column.
    • Load Bearing Columns are available in composite, fiberglass, and aluminum.
  • Support Posts: Support Posts offer an alternative to columns and allow wrapping of an existing support.
    • Aluminum Support Posts are a one-piece load bearing alternative to columns. Posts are available as smooth or decorative and are powdered coated for durability.
    • Vinyl Support Posts offer a vinyl alternative to columns. Posts are available as smooth or decorative.
  • Column Cladding: Column Cladding is used to wrap an existing support (wood post) to provide an aesthetic finished look.
    • Column Cladding comes in smooth and is available in vinyl.

Digger Specialties


  • Plumb Perfect®: The only All-In-One Box Column Installation System. This installation system saves labor cost and contains everything required to install composite and fiberglass columns. This system also eliminates the need for purchasing outside installation hardware.
  • Split-Fit® Columns: Traditional split columns can be difficult to reassemble on-site and can require multiple adjustments to align the two halves. Split-Fit Composite Columns include unique patented aligning keys make aligning the column halves a simple process saving time and eliminating the frustration of traditional split column installation.
  • Split and Pilaster Columns: Both Composite and Aluminum Columns can be split to allow for wrapping of an existing support or as a decorative element in your design requiring a partial column. Custom cuts are available by special order to meet unique needs.
  • Uplift Kits: Designed to protect columns during high wind situations, Uplift Kits reduce vertical movement of the column. Uplift Kits may be required by building codes in hurricane and high wind areas.
  • Brackets: Angle and Tie Down Brackets are designed to protect columns from lateral movement should an object impact a column.
  • Column Adapter Kits: Many times columns are used with new or existing railing on porches or decks.  Column Adapter Kits allow Fluted Columns to be used with PolyRail® Vinyl Railing and Westbury Aluminum Railing by creating a flat service to connect the rail to the column.


All Westbury Columns are made in America and are covered by either the DSI Aluminum or DSI Composite and Fiberglass Lifetime Limited Warranty

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