DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: Increase Engagement On Your Company’s Facebook Page

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LitchField-BuildersIt’s no secret that the LBM industry has been slow to adapt to social media. Let’s face it: Most LBM dealers feel like if they’re at a desk with time to look at a computer, chances are they’re missing out on business on the floor. Of the dealers who have started to focus on social media, many have expressed in a recent LBM Journal Real Issues. Real Answers. survey that they aren’t sure that it’s worth their effort. (Click here to view the article – includes complete survey results as well as comments from more than 60 dealers.)

Deepen customer relationships via your company’s Facebook page. Engage your Facebook audience by focusing on the social media platform as a customer-service transaction that builds goodwill for your store’s brand and possible increases in revenue.

Erika Gartner, a bookkeeper at Litchfield Building Center in Litchfield, Minn. manages the store’s Facebook page. She said that the store has just recently become more active on Facebook and now regularly interacts with the page’s 1,000-plus fans.

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Gartner said that in developing ideas for the company’s social media strategy, she and others at Litchfield Building Center met with an outside consultant who offered them advice. “There is a teacher at our high school who is interested in business and is big on social media advertising. He gave us a few ideas,” she said.

Aside from working with a local advisor, Litchfield Building Supply worked to make sure that the content shared on their Facebook page was well suited for what they considered to be the page’s typical readers. As content is developed and shared via Facebook, Gartner would measure the results in Facebook analytics and use that data to help inform the page’s strategy.

Gartner has been smart about understanding her company’s website capabilities and balancing that with a positive user experience for the Facebook fans. Doing so builds brand loyalty and increases the likelihood that readers will click through to your store’s website, when encouraged to on a Facebook post.