DIGITAL CASE STUDIES: Use Video to Promote Services

You have heard of other lumber dealers using video to promote their yards. You have a person on staff with the interest and capability to oversee a video project, but you don’t want them to just interview employees or talk about your weekly specials. If you’re going to invest in video for your company’s website and social media, you’re going to do it right.

use video to promote servicesOBJECTIVE:
Create a video strategy that allows you to maximize your investment and re-purpose videos across web, email and social media channels. Explore the various video options available to you and determine if you want to take on the project yourself or hire it done.

You’ll want to identify a key feature that sets you apart from your competition and use your video to promote that aspect of your business. For Kuiken Brothers of Midland Park, N.J., a video was developed to demonstrate the company’s delivery service.

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“Traditionally drivers would have to dump on a street nearby or have framers unload the truck. But we’ve invested in the Moffett forklifts to efficiently unload and place the lumber around the jobsite,” said Brian Mulkeen, director of marketing for Kuiken Brothers. “We know there is competition in the area that is still not making investments in those services. It’s not something we charge more for, but we want to make sure that it’s highly visible the types of services we provide on the jobsite. To say it is one thing, but to show it in a video is another.”

Kuiken Brothers didn’t invest in the drone or video equipment, but Mulkeen said that as projects such as these get easier to do and equipment becomes more affordable, the company may consider producing such videos in-house.

While certainly not necessary, but more attention grabbing and probably even more fun to produce, Kuiken Brothers decided to shoot an aerial drone video. Mulkeen and his team hired a video production company to shoot and edit the video. From there, it was up to Mulkeen to optimize the use of the video on Kuiken Brothers’ website as well as social media and email newsletters.

Mulkeen said another idea behind using a drone video is that it is attractive to the younger generation of both customer and employee that his company is starting to focus on. While some may view a job at a lumberyard as somewhat of a traditional role, Mulkeen said videos such as this can draw interest from younger prospects who have fresh approaches to marketing.

The video also demonstrated a competitive advantage that Kuiken Brothers shares in the market. “Subtly, we’re pointing out that our competitors don’t offer these services. Let’s let them raise the bar as well. If we show this, the customer starts demanding these things and it helps the industry as a whole.”

Mulkeen added that displaying the video on screens within the Kuiken Brothers store also translates value from the builder to homeowner as well. The video playing in the background demonstrates that there is a lot more that goes into a lumber order than just buying materials. The video shows that drivers are dedicated and take care of projects and construction sites.

The Kuiken Brothers video will appear on screens in-store as well as in the company’s email newsletters, and on its YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

As of the printing of this issue, the Kuiken Brothers drone delivery video had received more than 6,600 views on YouTube in just over a month’s time.