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DSI Westbury® Montego Aluminum Railing features Distinctive Aesthetics

DSI’s Westbury Montego Series (Montego and Montego II) aluminum railing adds an elegant and dramatic appearance to decks, porches, and balconies where wood, composite or PVC deck boards are used. Westbury Montego aluminum railing features an eye-catching design with curved (belly) balusters and a 2-rail design. Montego II builds on the exclusive design of Montego railing by adding a third rail. The third rail accents the curved balusters providing a classy look for an outdoor living space. Montego and Montego II are available in radius designs for an even more impressive look. Westbury Montego aluminum railing systems are perfect for homeowners who are looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces.

Westbury Montego Series aluminum deck railing offers important advantages over other railing systems. Unlike steel railing, aluminum railing will not rust and is much lighter in weight making it easier to handle and install. Wood railing can warp and buckle and needs to be painted or stained. Aluminum railing is more durable than vinyl railing and is easier to maintain. Composite railing systems are more complicated, more expensive and difficult to install than Westbury aluminum deck railing. The long-lasting features of Montego Series aluminum railing are the reason why DSI offers a lifetime limited warranty making it a superior choice when compared to other railing materials.

Westbury Montego and Montego II deck railing sections come in a choice of 36” and 42” heights with railing lengths of 4’, 5’, 6’,7’and 8’ in two and three rail designs. Stair sections come in 36” and 42” heights and 4’, 5’, 6’,7’, and 8’ lengths.

Walk gates make an ideal addition to a Montego aluminum railing system. Gates allow the flexibility to enclose a deck or porch, keeping family members and pets safe from stair hazards while contained within the deck or porch area. The design of Montego railing does not allow for a matching gate. DSI recommends a complimentary Tuscany gate for Montego and Riviera gate for Montego II.

Another way to capture the beauty of Westbury Montego Series aluminum railing is the option of nighttime illumination with Magena Star lighting. Our low-maintenance, precision-made LED Magena Star lighting will bring any outdoor living space to life.

Westbury Montego Series aluminum railing is available in an industry leading 12 standard colors with the option to obtain custom colors through special order. Both smooth and textured surfaces can be selected. DSI’s ten step powder coating process is the most stringent in the industry. Raw materials are carefully selected and inspected to ensure that the aluminum base is free of contaminants and flaws. To provide complete coverage 20 spray guns are used to apply the architectural powder coating. The coating is then adhered to the aluminum railing components in a 400-degree curing stage. DSI is the only aluminum railing manufacturer whose powder coating process is Powder Coat Institute (PCI) 4000 certified and meets the stringent specifications to be verified AAMA Compliant. The result of this meticulous process is a deck railing system that provides a permanent finish backed by DSI’s lifetime limited warranty.

DSI Westbury Montego Series aluminum railing systems are designed for easy installation. Attention to detail in product designs are a major reason why contractors prefer installing DSI railing systems. Builder Magazine’s recently released 2022 Builder Brand Study recognized Westbury aluminum railing as the highest quality product in the Deck Railing Category. As a leading manufacturer of aluminum railing in the US, DSI’s extensive experience as a manufacturer of aluminum railing results in superior products.

DSI Westbury Montego Series Aluminum Railing Features

  • Lightweight durable aluminum provides strength
  • Distinctive curved infills feature an impressive and distinctive appearance
  • Advanced powder coating process ensures a long-lasting finish
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Available in 12 standard colors with a choice of smooth or textured surfaces
  • Available with functional and beautiful Magena Star lighting
  • Peace of mind with a lifetime limited warranty

Westbury Montego Aluminum Railing is just one of several styles and design options available from DSI. To receive a FREE Aluminum Color Selector and Westbury Railing Product Packet or for more information about Westbury Aluminum Railing visit the DSI Website.

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